Don't Text and Drive It Is a Crime

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Stop texting and driving

Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016



I pledge not to text and drive because when you text and drive its basicly saying that you want to kill yourself. Yes people text and drive the same time and nothing ever happen to them but have you ever thought about one day it will. Most people who text and drive have accidents and get hurt from them and or die from it. If you text and drive you should stop. Text when your not driving. It is very dangerous. If people didn’t text and drive there would be a lot of people still alive. Just because you can’t text and drive doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to do anything while driving, your suppose to keep your eyes on the road, phones, food , smoking are all detractions. Remember when you first took the driver’s ed class and you had to take a test over the book that says don’t text and drive, well many people don’t because they would stop doing it and save their life. I’m writing this because most people don’t listen so maybe they will listen to this one, I care about this world so why make it smaller while you could save a life or yourself. Next time you text and drive think about it and asked yourself if it is really worth it. No its not worth it you will still be alive would out  texting. You can text and drive but it is not safe to do. I’m not telling you what to do i’m just saying that you should not do it it is bad and dangerous. Please do not text and drive at least do it for your family or your loved ones. They will be happy that you are still alive do it for them. I know some people would say that texting and driving isn’t bad but have you read in newspaper where they say that teen or who ever has died because of texting and driving. You cannot do two things at one it just won’t workout. I’m trying to save lives here so please listen to me. I understand you don’t like what i am tying but think about everything you reading because god won’t let you live forever.


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