star wars: chronicles of draven- part 1

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karos drav (aka darth draven) is on a mission to track down his mother's killers, a terrorist cell that has been attacking imperial assets for years. however, as karos stalks his prey, it becomes apparent that the terrorists are a lot closer to karos than he originally thought.

Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



Chapter 1

Dromund Kaas

3647 BBY


Wherever Karos Drav, Sith Inquisitor, looked ,all he could see were bodies. They were spread all over the high metal hangar of the Harrower Dreadnaught Exterminatore and covered by piles of metal. Some were troopers, in black duraplast armour  while others were officers in grey and white uniforms. Among the dead was even a few Sith warriors.


“How many?” Karos asked Colonel Amwolf Targ, commander of the dark lord's personal body guard of Imperial commandos. They surrounded the two men, each one a giant, their blasters ever ready for battle. The Colonel was grizzled veteran with salt-and-pepper hair and one good eye as black as the space outside the hangar’s forcefield . The other had been lost and replaced with a cybernetic implant.


“A entire company of troopers, along with its officers and support droids as well as thirty ground crew.” came the gruff reply “Not to mention three Sith.”


“Is our target among them?”


Karos’s voice came out as a deep, robotic sound due to the expressionless silver mask he wore that also covered his pale skin,  jet black hair that was cut short at the sides and yellow eyes. A thin slit allowed him to see.


“Yes. We’ve seized the body and put it aboard. No one said anything since it's so unrecognisable. My men only knew who it was due to the lightsaber.” he said, handing the “T” shaped hilt to his master.


“I’m not surprised.” replied Karos. He spun on his heels and marched back towards the hangar door, coal coloured cape rustling over a set of stone coloured armour that protected him from the neck down , to where the Exterminatore’s captain, Lucius Khan, waited nervously. Targ and his commandos followed.


“Does the captain know who was on board that shuttle?”


“No my lord.”


“Good. See that you keep it that way.”


Captain Khan straightened as the group approached. Sweat glistened on his mahogany skin and silvery-brown hair and dripped onto his olive white and blue uniform, with its silver lanyard that looped under his left shoulder and attached itself to Khan’s epilep.


“Well captain. I trust that you have gathered all the evidence you can?”


“Yes my lord.” Khan’s voice strained. He unclipped a data pad from his belt and handed it to Karos. The dark lord took it in his encased hands and tried to ignore Khan’s occasional glances at the black and silver lightsaber hilt that dangled from the sith’s belt.


“These reports were taken from personnel who escaped the shuttle's explosion or suffered.” the captain went on. “These men and women have had no way of communicating with each other since the event, yet I have noticed some similarities in these reports. The most notable of these is the fact that the explosion occurred at the rear of the shuttle. I therefore believe that the explosion was an accident, perhaps caused by a faulty hyperdrive.”


“That seems likely.” Targ said to Karos. “It would explain the power of the explosion.”


“I agree. That’s what we’ll put it to. Sorry to bother you captain.” said Karos. He handed the datapad to one of the commandos.


Khan blinked and his fear turned to confusion.


“Really? That’s it?”


“Yes. The only reason we were called to investigate was because the Exterminatore was so close to Dromund Kaas, otherwise this would have been an Imperial investigation.” Karos explained. “Now if you’ll excuse me I must present my report to the Dark Council.”


Visibly relieved, Khan cracked a smile as he saluted.


“Yes my lord. I’ll have your ship prepared immediately.” he said.


“Thank you captain. Come colonel.”


Karos pushed past the captain and led his men into the network of corridors that was the Exterminatore. Targ lingered at the back long enough to give Khan a nasty sneer, revelling in the other man's discomfort, before jogging to his master’s side. No one said anything as they made their way to one of the ship’s smaller hangars of the port side. This one was bustling with activity, with starfighters taking off and landing. Karos didn’t even glance at them, instead focusing on the massive hull of his own Fury interceptor, easily recognisable by the pair of Imperial Guardsmen standing either side of the ship’s ramp in their bright red armour and electrostaffs.


“I trust you had no trouble?” he said to them.


“No my lord.” the closest guard answered. “Lieutenant Peers successfully refueled the ship and it’s ready to leave at your pleasure.”


“My pleasure is now. Prepare for launch immediately.”


“Yes my lord.”


The guard fell in behind the procession as it made its way up the interceptor’s ramp. Inside, they were greeted by the main chamber with its various panels lining the walls and its holoterminal in the center of the cold metal floor. A corridor was located on the right side and led to the engine rooms and the commando’s temporary quarters in the cargo hold. Another corridor led to the conference room and crew’s quarter while a third was the only way to enter the ship’s bridge. In one corner was the door to Karos’s quarters and in another, the medical bay.


In the entrance to the bridge corridor stood a woman with the reddest hair Karos had ever seen. Her frame was slight and covered by the black uniform of an Imperial officer. The second her vine green eyes spotted Karos and Targ, she came to attention.


“My lord. The ship is refuelled and all systems are a hundred percent. Do I have your permission to launch?” she asked.


“Launch away Lieutenant.”


Karos watched her go, before glancing over at Targ and nodding. The Colonel cleared his throat and bellowed.


“Alright you lot. Down to the hold. All of you now. Move it, move it. Let’s go.”


There was no need really to yell at the commandos. They obeyed without so much of a sound, shuffling to the corridor. When the last was through Targ pressed a button and a blast door fell, sealing it off. That left the colonel, the guardsmen and Karos himself.


“Got to the bridge and ensure that Lieutenant Peers does not interrupt us.”


The guardsmen bowed and shuffled out of sight. Karos moved over to the holoterminal and typed in a code. When a blue image began to materialise, Targ dropped to his knees and Karos followed suite.


“Arise Darth Draven. You have something to report?” said a harsh voice.


Rising, Karos saw that before him was the imposing hulk of Darth Marr, one of the all powerful sith that made up the dark council. Marr’s face was hidden behind a mask similar to Karos’s and partially hidden by a red hood. Two rows of spikes ran between his shoulders and neck and wires crisscrossed his torso.


“Darth Veeran is dead my lord.”


Marr didn't even wait a heartbeat before replying;

“We already know. Her assassins sent a recording, gloating on their triumph. It seems the council needs a new member.”


“Darth Jarko has the best claim as Veeran’s son.” suggested Karos.


“Indeed. I understand that you and Jarko are quite close?”


It wasn't a question, not really. Marr could sense the answer even from many miles below.


“They adopted me when I was young. Jarko and Veeran were the family I never had my lord. He and were taught in the ways of the sith together by his mother.”


“Then I’m sure you'll be most eager to avenge her death.”


From inside his mask, Karos smirked.


“Nothing would give me more pleasure my lord.”


Karos sensed Marr’s approval.


“Good.” The translucent figure said  “Imperial Intelligence has run scans on the recording that was sent.”


The image changed to that of a muscular figure wearing loose fitting robes over its entire body. A pair of goggles and a hood made it impossible to identify whether or not it was male or female. Blasters were strapped to a basic leather belt. The figure was frozen, arms out in wild gesticulation, when it started to move and talk.


“.....  not untouchable. We, the Galactic Freedom Movement, will not rest until the tyrannical reign of the empire is ended. You have been warned.”


“He hasn't got an Imperial accent.” said Karos once Marr had returned. “My guess he’s from Republic space or the Outer Rim.”


“Agreed. Imperial Intelligence has traced the transmission to Mos Eisley spaceport on Tatooine. I’m sending you there to discover what you can about this persistent thorn in our side.”


“I take it you’ve heard of this “Galactic Freedom Movement” my lord?”


“Yes. They have rather annoyingly been eliminating my agents throughout the galaxy and targeting imperial assets since the war ended. This, however, was their first high profile assassination.”


“I will end their puny organization and for all.”


“I know you will. I also trust that you will inform Darth Jarko of his mother's misfortune? It may be easier if it comes from someone close to him. The council does not need a grieving member to run an empire.”


“It shall be done.”


“Good. May the force grant you strength to crush our enemies. Marr out.”


The hologram flickered and died, leaving Targ and Karos standing in silence, the only sound to be heard was the humming of the ship’s engines.


“Leave me. Join your men and prepare them for Tatooine.” Karos ordered. The colonel nodded and quickly vacated the chamber.


Now alone, Karos punched in some more numbers into the projector. Every single digit took a massive effort and filled him with dread. How was he going to tell this to Jarko?


After only a few seconds, the image of Karos’s adopted brother appeared. The sith alien was protected by rugby red armour with huge shoulder plates that extended many feet away from his body. Thick brown hair, shaved bare at the sides, sprouted from the top of Jarko’s head. Bright, amber eyes glowed from his sockets.


“Brother.” greeted Karos.


“Brother.” Jarko returned. “Please tell me you have good news. Is our mother alive?”


“No Jarko. She’s not.”


Jarko’s face contorted. Karos could sense a wave of emotions running through his brother's body; grief, anger, sadness, rage, fear.

“Did she die quickly?”


“I do not know.” answered Karos, mildly concerned that his brothers voice had dropped so low.


“Oh Karos. What are we going to do?”


A single tear ran down Jarko’s face.


“It is not what we are going to do. It is what you are going to do. As mothers heir you must succeed her on the dark council.”


“No. Please Karos, I cannot do that. I am not ready.”


“Then make yourself ready. Call on every apprentice you and mother have and tell them to meet you on Dromund Kaas three days from now. That’s when the council will next meet.”


“What about you?” asked Jarko. “Surely you will not abandon me?”


Karos waved away the suggestion. “Of Course I’ll be there. Darth Marr has sent me to Tatooine to hunt down mother's killers. Once I’m done, I’ll join you at the council chambers.”


“Show no mercy, Karos. Kill them as slowly as you can. Make them suffer.”


“I intend to. Karos out.”


Jarko disappeared and Karos was left alone with his thoughts. Was three days enough time? Mos Eisley was not particularly big or crowded. It had a population of three thousand beings max. But this population was unlike any other in the galaxy; gangs ran the place, split between the Hutt Cartel and the various other warring factions. Fire fights broke out almost daily and innocents were often caught in the middle. Karos couldn’t help but wonder if thirty commandos, two guardsmen, a sith lord and whatever assets Marr had on the ground would be able to handle it.


Regardless, he must push on and complete his mission. Karos moved over to his quarters and opened the door. The sight of the enormous double bed, with its purple sheets almost brought a tear to his eyes.


“Peers, set a course for Tatooine. Inform me when we arrive.” said Karos through his wrist worn communicator.


“Yes my lord.”

Satisfied, the dark lord removed his mask and allowed himself to be swallowed up by his mattress. Just before he closed to eyes, he remembered his mother’s lightsaber at his belt. He unclipped it and, without a second thought, placed it under the giant pillow Karos was resting his head on. Moments later he was asleep.


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