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A story of romance between two inseparable subjects.

Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



We met in a way as stars collide, a chance of one in a million. I was just there, sitting through another ordinary day, staring into ordinary space, and contemplating about my ordinary life. And that was when your eyes met mine. It almost felt as if time has stopped just for us, and everything around us has become so insignificant, everything around us reduced into matter-less void; it felt as if we stood right in front of a black hole, the black hole mercilessly and unemotionally sucking all matter around us, only us, and our feelings for each other, remained immune to the vacuum of space.

Without a word – for they are no longer needed between us – you walked towards me and picked me up. You seemed to know just which buttons to push, how to wordlessly communicate your feelings for me. Oh the subtle way your eyes speak when they met mine! Your warm and gentle embrace lighted up the dull face of which I call mine, at least up till this very moment. I felt alive. I felt reborn. I felt my world light up with possibilities, and empowered to do so much more – with you – than what I have done, just staring into blank, ordinary, space.

That was the ordinary day that became not-so-ordinary, the day we became one.

From then on, we became inseparable, irreplaceable, like a pair of bottle and cap, the absence of one nullifying the existence of the other. We were always together, at your happiest moments and your lowest points. We captured those moments together. We had meals together. We worked out together. And at times, we even embraced each other to sleep. I felt my life was complete. And I think I have completed yours.

In some of the lonelier nights, when I feel the rocking of waves and the whizzing of sea breeze – enveloped by darkness, I crave your touch and attention. I made subtle sounds, trying to make my intentions known to you. I can see your internal conflict, as the fire of your desire and the ice of reality engage in a protracted battle within your heart and mind. You ignored me once. I increased in frequency and intensity. I see you shut your eyes and observed the twitching of your eyelids with great anticipation. I knew you wanted to turn to me, touch me, and embrace me. The room we were in became so silent – so silent that I thought silence was a sound that we can hear. You ignored me twice. I amplified my volume as loud as I am made able to, however nowhere near the silent screams reverberating against the walls of my heart, for you to turn to me. Now the room was no longer as silent. I can hear your heart pounding hard, like the rhythmic tapping of feet against a carpeted floor. I can hear your blood gushing through your veins, with such intensity as a struggling eagle with clipped wings, only restrained by the walls of your narrow veins. I knew the fire of your desire was winning the battle that should have long been won. There was no third rejection or hesitation. You threw down your pen and paper, abandoned your reality, and pounced directly at me, entering the little world we have created the very moment your eyes met mine. I gladly accepted your touch and embrace. My face shone with increased fervor and passion. I felt your fingers, filled with warm, enthusiastic blood yet cool upon touch, slid gently and gracefully across my face…

I loved passionate nights like those. Drained as I may become, you were always thoughtful as to ensure I will have sufficient rest, reenergizing me, so that I will be able to accompany you for another exciting day ahead. I have never believed in luck or fate – not until I witnessed for myself the stars collide. You have chosen me to be a part of you, and I am grateful for that. I am now you, and you are now me.

No – I am not your partner, or your family, or your friend, or even remotely your farthest of acquaintance – I am your…smartphone.


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