Death is the final destination

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A short story about life and death. The story revolves around two underworld characters. It is a story that will surely teach you a life learning lesson. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



Death is the final destination.

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time” is a very famous quote about death. ‘Death’ is not just a word it is a sentence itself it describes & ends our whole life in just one word. In a country like India with a population of more than 100 crore there are some people who are afraid of death & some people who do not fear it at all. But, does it really matter whether you are afraid or not afraid of death? It doesnt. So, In the end all that counts is what you make out of your life. If someone lives his or her life happily & is satisfied in the end that person will not be scared or frightened when it comes to death. You cannot change the fact that you are going to die someday but, why don’t we live our life to its fullest till that day itself? Instead of regretting about what we don’t have why can’t we just be grateful and satisfied with what we already have? Instead of dying unsatisfied, just live your life to its fullest & be happy & grateful of what you have so that when you are dying in some corner of some hospital you will at least be satisfied. Every coin has two sides just like that in every situation of life there are two sides one positive the brighter side & the other one is negative the darker side, learn from the negative i.e. the darker side but be in the brighter i.e. the positive side.

No matter what Death is the final destination.

A small story about death and life.


It was the late 60’s when India was facing a revolutionary change and was developing with a rapid speed. Mumbai known as Bombay that time was one of the developing cities. Also, the crime syndicate in Bombay was developing with a great speed. The police were trying their best to get hold of a gangster known as A.K. He was a crime lord who started on the streets of Bombay as a delivery man. It was a routine day for A.K. and he was out for delivery as usual. He reached his office took the parcels and went off. His first delivery of the day was at Mr. Khan’s residence. When he reached Mr. Khan’s residence he saw that the door was open he shouted “Mr. Khan!” no one replied from the inside he shouted repeatedly for 2-3 times but still there was no reply from the inside. He started to leave the place and he heard the sound of glass breaking so, he went running inside to see what happened what he saw was frightening. He saw Mr. Khan lying on the floor of his living room covered in blood. He found a knife covered in blood which must be murder weapon, he made a mistake and picked it up. The police were called by the neighbours as soon as they heard Mr. Khan shouting. The police arrived at the location and took him accusing for Mr. Khan’s murder case. He was sent to life imprisonment in the jail. After spending 10 years in the jail he was released on the grounds of good behavior. After coming out of the jail A.K. joined a group of thugs in Bombay. He was brave, furious, aggressive and very smart and so he was getting involved in the crime syndicate very quickly. The guy would fear nothing in his life be it a policeman, a minister or death itself.

A few years later on a rainy day 17 years old Aslam was caught by the police for pick pocketing on the railway station of Bombay. The young boy was bailed by A.K. the drug lord. A.K. was now one of the most powerful drug lords in India. The tension of police was increasing, so he wanted some new men. He bailed Aslam and took him to his place. A mansion surrounded by men guarding it with guns. He adopted Aslam; he took all the care of Aslam’s education, food, shelter, clothing and all the other needs. Aslam would do anything for him; Aslam owed his life to him. Aslam became the right hand of him. He once said “Aslam I have everything in my life now!” Aslam asked “What do you mean Boss?” he replied “I had money, I had power; I had everything but someone to look after my empire after me. I needed reliable hands and a sharp brain to handle my empire. Today I have you on whom I can rely and retire. I can finally go away from this chaotic place to a peaceful place where I could rest in peace without any fear of getting caught. Don’t let me down son!” Aslam had tears in his eyes.

One day Aslam and A.K were travelling to the western coast in the deep parts of Konkan for a smuggling deal. The police knew that a huge consignment of drugs was arriving in the country. So, the security was very tight all around the country. Even though the situation being so worst A.K somehow managed to bring in the consignment. The unloading of drugs was taking place smoothly. A.K and Aslam were sitting in A.K’s car. A.K in a frightened tone said “Son, I need a glass of water, please get it for me.” Aslam bought him a glass of water; he drank the water spilling half of the water. Aslam asked “Is everything all right? You look very restless and frightened.” A.K replied “I am having a very bad feeling that some mishap is going to happen” “Nothing is going to happen, you’ve become old now you can’t handle pressure anymore” said Aslam. He replied “Yes you are right so this my last consignment now I am going to retire and you are going to take care of my empire.” Everything was going smoothly when suddenly everyone hears police siren. Everyone ran for their lives. A.K moved out of the car and saw that he was surrounded by the police from all the sides. A.K gets panic and tries to run but realizes that he had nowhere to go. A.K the guy who would fear no one was frightened for the first time in his life. Everyone including A.K. and Aslam were killed that night.

What was the thing that was bothering him before he died? Why was he so restless?  Why was he scared and of what? The thing that was bothering him making him restless and he was scared of was death. He knew it was coming. A.K had everything in his life; he had money and power he was one of the richest drug lords. But, with money and power you cannot stop death from coming your way, you can only delay it for some time. Do you think that A.K was satisfied with his life when he died? NO, he wasn’t because he surely had money and power but, it can’t buy you happiness and satisfaction it can only buy you luxury but, luxury sometimes is not real satisfaction and happiness. Being a gangster means living in fear of getting caught all the time. No matter how big a gangster you are someday the police is going to screw your life. Instead of being in the darker side if he had chosen the brighter side he would have at least been satisfied with his life and would have rested in peace.

No matter how powerful you are; you are not stronger than death. No matter how rich you are; you can never buy death. No matter how smart you are; you can never cheat death.

Death is the final destination’.



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Death is the final destination

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