I've Done It Again

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Why can't I just stop talking?

Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



I’ve Done It Again


I’ve done it again, I’ve opened my mouth and said the wrong things,

So now I’m trapped with the consequences my talking always brings.


You are waiting there to pounce on it, distorting every word;

The sentence that I’ve spoken is not the one you’ve heard.


You’ve twisted it, and tangled it, you’ve turned it all around;

I am left with wishing that I’d just never made a sound.


You manipulate my meanings, distortion is your game

And for the fall-out of this talking, I will be held to blame.


A piece of tape is too easy just to rip straight from my face

And a vow of silence is not one I’ll keep in place.


I’m thinking of some staples to keep my mouth firmly shut

The consequence of talking is becoming too much, but


I can still sit here typing, I can go over my words and then

I know just what I’m saying and can communicate again.


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