The Helium-3 Conspiracy

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The Helium-3 conspiracy:
the year is 2026 and fbi special agent jeremy gibson finds himself in a difficult situation. he has covertly been searching the residence of a powerful and well-connected senator, looking for clues that would point to the murder of jeremy’s superior, tony underwood.
vital evidence in the form of underwood’s badge, kept in a drawer in the senator’s home office, is discovered but unfortunately jeremy is caught red-handed and pursued by two men who appear to be cia agents. there is only one person whom he can trust to take over the investigation if he is caught – jake dobrowski.
the earth has recently undergone some drastic climatic changes and the g8 countries have pooled their resources to introduce a new, clean energy source from fusion reaction, fueled by helium-3, an isotope of lighter than air gas. the new global energy participation agreement is an accord to move away from fossil fuels and, within ten years, be completely reliant on the new energy source.
the moon’s regolith, the only real source of the new energy, is being mined by an international group of twelve astronaut miners, hoping to store up enough helium-3 to start the transition from fossil fuels. the olf intend to disrupt it. jake dobrowski, a struggling private investigator, since his fall from grace as an internationally known journalist, has an opportunity to set the record straight.
richard baker, the 46th president of the united states, has his hands full with the hijacking of a lethal nuclear weapon and the knowledge of a possible conspiracy within his own ranks. the outcome might be too ghastly to contemplate but a twist in the final chapters will reveal all.

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A significant Discovery

Submitted: September 29, 2016

Chapter One A Significant Discovery Monday, June 29, 2026 11:00 p.m. Jeremy Gibson turned into the Gay Street entrance of ... Read Chapter

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