The A-Mortal Gene

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Survival of a Species, part one. THE A-MORTAL GENE:

In 2300 CE Beckett Conroy, a young man alienated from his famous scientist father, Dr. Padraig Conroy, has taken up the new vocation of asteroid mining with his uncle’s company. His new boss is Sid Conroy, owner of the Galactic Mining Corporation and the man to whom he had always turned when in need. Beckett’s father, the chief geneticist at the World Genetic Foundation, is on the verge of a huge breakthrough in longevity but the potential discovery is coveted by others who will kill for the prize.
The tragic news of Padraig Conroy’s death brings Beckett, accompanied by his uncle Sid and the corporation’s secretary, Freda, back to Earth for the funeral. They discover Padraig’s death was not an accident and a clue as to the whereabouts of the breakthrough’s secret research is left for Beckett to pursue, should he so desire. Padraig’s valet, an android with a quirky personality, holds a secret Beckett must discover in order to find the final research material everyone is after, including the New World Earth Intelligence Agency and Padraig’s ex-colleague, Dr. Nassir, from the World Genetic Foundation.
A twist in the story reveals Padraig Conroy’s real ambition and the extreme nature of his breakthrough as Beckett, together with Carla Jensen an attractive secretary working at the WGF, is targeted for the clue his father left. Carla Jensen holds a secret as does Sid Conroy, Beckett’s uncle.
The unexpected outcome of the saga has Beckett regretting all the years he spent hating his absentee father as the real nature and ambition of his uncle is revealed. This is a fast-paced, Scienc Fiction story with loads of action and intrigue.

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A Rude Awakening

Submitted: September 29, 2016

    A Rude Wake-up Call 0630 hours, 24th June, 2315 C.E.   At first the sound crept through my subcon... Read Chapter

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