The Habitat Relocation Project

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Survival of a Species part two: THE HABITAT RELOCATION PROJECT:

Beckett Conroy and his wife, Carla have inherited the Galactic Mining Corporation from Beckett’s uncle and are busily mining the asteroid belt when a new project, not related to asteroid mining, is offered the company. Because of the Conroy’s experience with space programs and the immense size of their mother ship, the Andromeda, they are chosen to lead a mission to the Pegasus Constellation of stars in search of an exoplanet which resides in the goldilocks region of the star, 51 Peg.
The citizens of Earth need to find a new home due to the breakdown of the magnetic field and the future danger posed by an approaching neutron star. The mission involves a forty-two year flight in dilated time, which is fraught with problems and dangers. The crew must be in hibernation on a shift basis for seven year periods. Beckett’s android valet, Happydoo, accompanies the mission along with a military grade android, Lieutenant Sparkle. Nobody is sure if the lieutenant can be trusted but through the course of the lengthy mission he proves to be one of the deciding factors of success. A friendly alien adds vital information for the project’s survival when a group of warlike creatures, the Crustans, attack the Andromeda.
Find out how these problems, plus an onboard fire and a mutiny, are all overcome in this suspenseful space drama.

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A Rude Wakeup Call

Submitted: September 29, 2016

    ONE   A Rude Wake-up Call 0630 hours, 24th June, 2315 C.E.   At first the sound crep... Read Chapter

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