Love Sweat Tears

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This historical romance, adventure story takes us back to the turn of the nineteenth century following the Boer War. Willy-John Satherwaite an ex-British soldier returns to South Africa to marry Clair, the love of his life and daughter of a Boer farmer. Two years later Willy-J’s younger brother, Thomas, also an ex-British soldier follows and they decide to make a new life in Cape Town, South Africa.
The brothers, with Clair and her mother pursue an offer of leased farmland up in the Northern district of the Transvaal and leave the city for the remote area of Kweetsa, to establish a hotel and stop-off point, on the road to Rhodesia.
The saga of Thomas Satherwaite begins when his beloved brother is killed in a horse-riding accident and Thomas must now step into Willy-John’s shoes to run their established businesses. The discovery of a mineral on the farm draws Thomas into an impossible situation with a group of unscrupulous foreign money lenders and he is in danger of losing everything. His older brother’s widow and business partner, Clair, becomes the focus of a breakup in the marriage between Thomas and Olivia, a rich Afrikaans farmer’s daughter.
Thomas travels back to England to find a means of defeating the moneylenders who are suing him for breach of contract. A young Afrikaans lawyer, backed by a rich benefactor must provide legal aid, before Thomas’ life which is complicated by his drinking problem, disintegrates into ruin. His faithful horse, Dreamer, must deliver his master safely home on many occasions on the evening ride from the hotel to the farm.
Thomas is a lonely individual, fighting his demons but finds friendship with an unlikely character—the young Sotho farmhand who supervises the farm’s agriculture and cattle.
The story takes the reader through a gamut of emotions. Can Thomas and Clair’s love flourish in the wake of his divorce and what will happen to them in the aftermath of the suspenseful legal trial? Experience the magic of the Bushveld and how life for the entrepreneurs of the early twentieth century unfolded in the Northern Province, during the days of the newly formed Union of South Africa.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Chapter One

Submitted: September 29, 2016

  The Saga of Thomas Satherwaite. A Novel by Colin Setterfield. Based on a true story.   Introduction M... Read Chapter

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