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Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



I'm going to take you back. A couple of years back to be precise. Back to a time and place where we were left with such a Jaw dropping experience that I don't have the answers to..... Till this day..

Imagine taking a trip with a group of friends into the unknown as we cruise to a nearby destination in the area of the vast wildlife woods.  Arriving at 7 Bridges, a place with a zero populated area for miles, you happen to leave the vehicle and enter the jungle as if preparing for combat. Now, we normally would enter the woods, cross the bridge, and go Left towards Lake Michigan, however this time we decided to go down a different path, a very mysterious looking path...

 There was a tiring inclined walk up the narrow hill, ducked off with nothing but trees surrounding us. We had a curious take on what we would later find if we entered this daring and Shadily mysterious hill. As we submerged, we identified an open area with a Large picnic-like hut. Bathroom door was closed and the place looked deserted. 

We all of a sudden heard two very loud and aggressive voices arguing in a distance. Now, logically we would expect to see two or more humans engaging in conversation. 

.INSTEAD, we walked in on a Strangely dressed white man, Avery scrawny and in his mid 30s, sitting there looking extremely focused in conversation with a large group of people, answering questions as if people were raising hands like in a classroom setting. He had a whole picnic table with an old looking garment, and an odd “Lord Of the rings” looking outfit. He had a Turban 10x the size of indian turbans on, and Amish looking pants, very plain and unsown (1700s-like). 

We approached him with conversation, asking “ Hey, whats up dude, What you doin here?” **
He sternly looked at us with a disturbed look, and said “I preach the Truth”, he looked serious as fuck with that witch looking turban, and then paused for a little, then mumbling, almost whispering “Don’t worry, they can’t see you. Just wait” to the other side of us, as if there is a group of people around us!
… I paused, and quickly I looked at my guys like, ( IS THIS NIGGA SERIOUS BRO! )

We had heard a long professional informative conversation and thought.. maybe he was doing videos for youtube, because he seemed very informative, with solid facts and a way with speaking, but boy were we in for a surprise. It was as if we interrupted a very important meeting, and questioned his sanity with our questions.

He had his table surrounded with pancakes, that were untouched, ketchup, salt and sugar. And an untouched jug of some sort of rum/liquor. This man seemed  educated, and socially normal, but aggressive. The way he dressed reminded me of a mid-century christian priest.  We asked him again “ Who are you TALKING to??”
He instantly looked submerged with ANGER, while seated he yelled “ Its none of your business who I’m talking to!!” .. he paused, and seemed to be sniffing something.. He then consecutively replied full of curiosity, “Do you guys got any ghanja?!”

“Dude, if you have ghanja, bring some this way” and I looked at the guys, shrugged my shoulder and said “ Sorry we smoked it all man”, being slick I tried to hide the blunt rolled on my ear. He gave us a creepy Glare and a evil grin saying we should come back and smoke with him”. Evidently went from insulting and aggressiveness, to welcoming with open hands... 

My younger friend, standing there confused and slightly uncomfortable, pulled out his Iphone from his pocket, and quickly pointed his camera in this guys face, and took a snapshot of him!
He immediately stood up and yelled “ARE YOU TAKING A PICTURE OF ME?!"
My friend immediately stepped back, with precaution, put the phone up to his ear as if getting a phone call and said "Hellooo?!!!"

The man then lifted his wooden staff and began to walk out, mumbling to himself as he disappeared into the pitch black woods into the night...

We quickly walked out of that forest area near my vehicle and rolled another one.. 
As we walked out, the exit bridge had an encryption that read "Enjoy the Haunts of Nature".
Curiously wanting to know more.. We decided we would have a second journey soon to get some answers..

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