The Wolf Who Understands Our Beauty In The World

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Enjoy lead feed back, the wolf see what he is, understand his words,

Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



You feel so lost, like a wolf that's been separated from the pack 

Now it's you on your own, struggling to survive to make it as one, because now you are alone and have been bypassed; 
I don't blame them, they have much to do , I have much on my mind as day turns to night 
This is upon myself cause my curiosity brings me searching for whatever this world has in sight;
Now it's alone, to me struggling to survive just a wolf figuring out my days are numbered 
Can I get through this struggle come out my own man, and show the pack I am a wonder; 
That all of us, I want to stand up and say it's possible to make it on your own
I was at the bottom of the pack the weakling, but the glory of earth protects me from what's unknown; 
Cause I know I will be challenged, but those are the tests for me to prove my credibility 
To show I can do just as much, because I am the same as a weakling and alpha, cause with that I am not just a liability; 
I am all of you flying in the sky's, living under water, or walking in the woods I hope to meet you 
This is the test i follow, it shows me that we all struggle and go through hardships to show we should be excepted as equal 
The wolf can even hear the sounds of john Lennon singing to our ears, "I'I'm a dreamer but not the only one"; So just imagine if we all stuck together,  so we could have brothers, mothers, fathers and sons,
The sequels I speak of you see in your child's eyes, the love you and I hope others see, and will treat him as another beautiful piece of the world 
A word we can hope is precious, and as one sees another it's to admire the beauty and protect us all till I fall slowly under the stars in nature as I give one last roar 

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