Two ears and one mouth

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This my first poem is all about promoting peace and love in the world and understanding people.

Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016



A spoken word is best spoken lyrically,

Extracted from brain, twisted and forged physically,

Abosorbed and heart felt, i hope you find the ability,

To try and understand these writen words instead of reading them cynically,

A difference in opinion ok... inevitable,

But is it easier to love than it is to hate?

Unfortunately some people find this questionable,

See its sad to think that we live in a day and age,

Where an intire city could be destroyed and brought to its knees before getting to the bottom of this page,

Inoccent lives taken leaving kids with no parents,

How can you justify calling nuclear bombs deterrents,

Nothing but hunger, distruction and debree,

All because two grown men couldn´t get along or agree to disagree,

Instead they fight over money, land and power... just pure greed,

Taking innocent lives through nothing more than difference in opinion,

Just a click of a button and.. BOOM.. blown to oblivion,

Yet once upon a time we were all the same,

All born with minds as blank as the next page,

No idea on how to hate or discriminate against the others around us,

Until we start to grow and adopt the opinions of the others that surround us,

Instead of doing our own studies we listen to the press that do nothing but pound us,

With garbage and made up stories to keep us quiet and compound us,

We start to label and tag people before we even ask what there name is,

If that same person then saved your life would you then feel bad or would you still feel shameless,

I know that were all guilty at times and cant always do good,

But how much more peace would there be in the world if we could all just try to understand before being....





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