Simple Thoughts Of A Lifeline

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I have compiled this for your time when you like to know something more everyday. Let us remake this story like a dream journey how much is our simple thoughts of a lifeline. I make a note this is a dream page of my teacher. Let you be gifted in most humble of the word we believe. :)

Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016



If you send someone back in time to join His sleepless nights,

Running my mind in this seed of time,

All guilt of last life danced as new message for a Christmas so near,

My teacher saved by love sailed this new truth like a journey of the source of all spirit,

Today a mind reader remained speechless in the same location,

If I honor your life with pride my heart may give respect for this take away,

Your simple footsteps so blessed may God grant who followed my gestures so uniquely for healthy days ahead,

Usually if this feeling comes from the care of faith in God,

Where time adored this lifes humbleness steamless of all His gifts,

Some blessings from heaven redeem the reason why this faith exist within for every season reasons of His miracles,

For this sacrifice our creator wrote this story in grains of all sand on this Earth where our name leaves impression,

Before history your commitment gave our saviour all address in only one name,

When I consume this bread from the personification of His love for the creation who served my daily needs,

I may only live this goodness of our teacher for so beyond the most important person in this life,

You may be encircled made for this trust in universal spirit fallen on the pasture of this space only believing unseen cant be so sure,

Are you not connected from heaven for those stars on Earth ?

Those people who rushed down time so beyond this exchange can change existence on what we do for our living from all paths of life,

If someone undone with a new person in this life empty my track in time for a simple correction build in any architectural wonders on this space,

May his knowledge can make us wise for why would he value his philosophy as his own,

Some time finally on this Earth we collect some shade down to be its participants on the day far at a distance,

If silence spring on this harvest from the soul of this message,

Can we prepare ourself for this dream humans lived for generation on this Earth ?

If you have made this wine in a lifetime full of unfinished party floor will you fill my wonders all the day along our life with my simple request that you may make a difference in this life from one guardian agreed for His wish,

Some reason why such love bonded us dearer for all ways of life come from Grace of heaven for this simple offering humans lived for the gift of a heart made us loved for this grant,

Take time and be happy to love life for work you enjoy may give and respect this feedback,

Let live free one living happiness that glorify grace connecting your experience that listen actively for finding humbleness in each other,

Respect everyone for more making this saving desire wisdom from the song of this soul,

When gifted service you own like patience for spending less may you save more,

Have daily networking waiting updates as approval from time events,

When you answer suggestion look within for working sincerely that leave lust for wholehearted prayer everyday,

Review everything as experience act bodily for your positivity,

As you think may you read wisely constructing leadership in the blessings you have wished,

Learn summary each time you motivate yourself for inspiring generations,

Undo your pain as values rise for living faithfully for all your loved home,

Remember you have a reason of silence in forgiving negativity of your thoughts,

As you reassure faith save more memories recapping gestures for the approval of simplicity of your heart,

Wear away fear as it give away homely confidence to act smartly in your behaviour,

Let this lead hearts counting willingless in the spirit of your ultimate message of your life,

Decline unwillingness as this is not a copy of the crowd who find companionship yet reassure belief for planning everyday,

Feed fish everyday in trust for compassion on relationship,

As you acknowledge welcome that support mankind decline deletions that may not noursih your family,

Save money more through influencing knowledge where contacts create collection of best friendship you cannot forget,

Balance competition as you react smartly,

Need for this hunger may pay rightly for hunger needs response of uniqueness,

When you shine where you light this vision comfort yourself helping out from the need of emptiness in everyday exercise,

Help yourself firstly without bleeding none,

Remember in history like branding commonsense as you are unique like no one ever lived,

Care words as they handshake attitude for acting procatively in the workshops of daily life where you live and attend locked in creative behaviour,

Send greetings to everyone in smile that may rinse siblings like emails of information with a single click,

As you chart this travel join with obedience to fulfill this duty of a lifetime,

You need to standup independently to fulfill this promise when you listen attentively,

As income your work generates spend them innovatively taking reasonable risk for maturing more savings,

Daily discover new hidden talents inventively presenting a perfection no body ever have lived till now,

Small talk may present with this precise language of greeting friendship until it hurts,

Return commitment for your community and think intutively for providing service to your nation,

As you interact this help I am given keep reminding yourself for informing exceptions that may notify you timely,

For every contract you keep renew this interaction through simple values as warranty,

Endure every hardwork that pays but may never fail you as failure until success cries hunting down experience for the application of all this principles,

Read your mind as you write this one life of doing wisely,

As I write this down in my reading wall,

May God give us peace in our hearts with all blessings for making this letter of all highest order for the best in days ahead for all,

I hope we will make this as a living message of the word of life.

© Copyright 2018 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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