Bury Me

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Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016



Kyle and James were dared to go spend the night in a haunted house on Willow dr. This house however was built in the 1930's. It's a super old house. Barely standing, broken windows, holes in the porch, and a broken doorknob. But they only agreed cos they could pick up chicks if they spent the night. They'd be declared men. Kyle and James were only in the 10th grade. Both 16 so being called "men" would be an improvement from "boys" so they rode their bikes to the house since there were basically no actual roads for cars. It took them about an hour but they finally made it. Kyle ran up to the door first shouting "Come on James!" James followed slowly behind. James stepped on the first step and he shouts "Fuck!" as his foot breaks the step. Kyle bursts out laughing. "Dude, come on." James steps out of the hole he created and mumbles "Fucking house.." Kyle runs in the house like a child would when he sees a toy he wants down the aisle. James shakes his head and says "Kyle get the fuck back here." Kyle just continues to laugh running room from room. "Fucking idiot." James says and looks for him. He peeks in the master bedroom first sees no one, shuts the door when he hears Kyle yelling "Ahhh, Shit." James hears a crash from across the hall. BANG! "Ugh..." James hears Kyle mumble. James runs to the door he heard the bang from and tries to open it. It won't budge. He tries to bang the door down but theres not even a dent in the wood when he tries to bust it open. "This house is fucking old why won't this door fucking break." yells James. Then almost immediately after he says that the door swings open. Kyle's on the ground, face bloodied. It looks like he banged his head against the porcelain bathtub. James looks all around the room when air flies by him. He looks down the hall and sees a little girl running away laughing. Long blonde curls fly by as she turns the corner but before she does she smiles at James. Her eyes were bloodshot, like shes been crying and her smile looked empty and sad. He blows it off thinking he's just worked up and goes to James and shakes him. "Hey buddy. Wake up." He smacks his face lightly a few times. His eyes flutter. "Whaa-whaat." Kyle whispers. "Wake the fuck up. You're scaring the shit out of me." James says. Kyle sits up and holds the back of his head. "Bro, something shoved me. I don't know what it was but I swear something shoved me." James looks at him and asks if he saw anyone when he was roaming around. Kyle said no. James helps his friend up and takes him to the master bedroom. He lays him down on the bed and says "Okay buddy, now you rest up I'll keep watch." James says. "Why?" Kyle replies. "There's no one here but us." "Oh, just in case." James pauses. "Just get some sleep." "Okay." Kyle replies, its more like a sob because his head is in so much pain. It's around 3 am and Kyle is snoring but James is wide awake. He's been staring at the door for hours, scared if he looked away someone would creep inside. When out of no where Kyle says "Hey, James. I have a question." "Yeah?" James replies, startled. "If you had to die, how would you want someone to kill you?" Kyle says in a whisper with a small smirk on his face. Chills ran down James's spine. "Um, what brought that up... Kyle?" He says softly trying to keep himself from freaking out. "Oh, just wondering." Kyle says. Kyle looks at him with bright green eyes... Wait.. Kyle has blue eyes.. James says to himself. "What the fu--" his thoughts were interrupted when Kyle says "You're right." James immediately thinks of something to get away from Kyle, well clearing this person wasn't fucking Kyle. "Hey, um I'm gunna go take a leak." says James. "Alright." Kyle says in a deeper voice then he usually uses. James gets up and slowly walks out the door hoping this... person doesn't suspect anything. He goes down the hallway and turns the corner when he hears the master bedroom door creak open. He turns around and peeks around the corner and Kyle is standing there wide eyed with a huge ass grin on his face. Jame's has never seem Kyle smile that big even when that girl from middle school asked him out. This smile was more psychotic like the ones you see in horror movies when someones possess---" He pauses. Kyle twists his head so fucking fast James barely saw it move. "There you are. Where do you think you're going." Kyle says in a voice that sort of sounded high pitched. James dashes for the front door with Kyle right behind him. He runs out the house and runs through the fields behind the house. Kyle yells "Come back, I'm not gunna hurt you dude." James keeps running til he doesn't see Kyle. When he sees something coming from his right. BAM! Kyle crashes into James. They are now rolling on the ground in a fist fight. Kyle got him in the face a few times but James got this one good shot to the chest and Kyle was down. He gets up and continues running til he reaches and tree and climbs it. He takes a deep breath as he hides in the branches. He waits. Waits for Kyle to show up and kill him but Kyle never arrived. It's morning now and still no sign of Kyle. James get down because he thinks its safe. He slowly walks back to the house when he sees a well and Kyle staring down into it as his hands move to the reel as he pulls the bucket from the bottom of the well to him. Kyle didn't notice James. James stayed in the thick grass and watched. He saw Kyle pull out bones, ones of a small childs. He walks away holding the bucket. James follows. They are directly behind the house. James sees two graves stones. Kyle goes in between them and sits on his knees with the bucket in his hand. Kyle starts crying. "What the fuck is he doing?" James asks himself. Kyle then sets the bucket aside and digs a small hole between the two grave stones and dumps the remains out of the bucket gently and covers the hole back up. He pats it down and he begins to speak. But this wasn't Kyle's voice. It was a little girls. "I'm so sorry. I didn't want it to end this way. I've missed you. It took me awhile to finally come to you but I'm here. I'm here. A small chuckle rises from Kyle as another tear falls down his face. Well obviously it was a little girl not Kyle. Kyle slowly falls to his side, lifeless. He's not moving. James rushes to him and shakes him. "Kyle, Kyle, wake up please!" He shouts. Kyle doesn't answer. "Come on please.' He shakes him more til Kyle's eyes flutter. "Bro what the fuck happened." Kyle mumbles holding the back of his head. "Dude, I really don't know." James says. Kyle sits up and at the same time James and Kyle looks at the grave stones in front of them. "Momma and Papa" they said and in the middle there was a small stone that said "Daughter."


Backround story behind the little girl:

In 1936 a small family, the Ross's moved in to the house on Willow dr. The house was beautiful it was freshly painted a sky blue. In the house there was a little girl, AnnaMarie and a mother and father. Sadly the family was killed in 1938. The mother and father were shot, while the little girl was never found. They assumed she was killed in the fields. There were search parties but there was no sign of AnnaMarie. Eventually the searches for her stopped and the mother and father were buried behind the house without their daughter with them. They prayed that AnnaMarie would show up someday but she never did.


Well, thats the end of the story I hope y'all enjoyed it. c: Comment if you like.

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