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Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016



  1. Sosriqwe Kizeralhxuar

How Sosriqwe was born

Kabardian text


Latinized Circassian text

Seteneym niver qihriy tsi 'udane pl'asch'eu qiriyshech'riy kuentsap'em qixiyhizhriy xuebach'e-sche'ach'e deiiy schiyghet'ilhasch.


Maxuer iybzhure mezeibghure schix'um miver xex'ueure k'watiy, miver zegueudrei qidech'asch sabeiyr. Pschtiriy 'ptsanech'e qa'xeschtaqim. Lhepsch deizh zheiriy zchira'asch.


Lhepsch 'eder iy'ighiy qak'weriy  'epetsanech'e qixuemischteu 'edech'e iy kuiyt'ir qiyubidriy yaghepsch'asch. X'idan qirashech'asch. Lhepsch iy unafech'e, shishech'e yagheshxash.


English Translation

Seteney brought a stone and wrapped it with four times with woolen threads, and placed it into a cask. After three months, the threads ripped from around the rock.


Nine months passed and the stone was extremely enlarging, until the stone cracked open with a child inside. Flaming hot, Seteney's fingers could not handle the child, so she decided to request help from Lhepsch.

Lhepsch seized a pair of tongs, held the infant by his knees, and dipped him in water. After wrapping the infant, Lhepsch fed the child horse milk.


(Hedeghel’e, I968, Vol.II, p. 42)


*This is one of the various versions displaying Sosriqwe’s birth. The rock is essentially a symbol of his birth, and it could be a mark signifying the shift from Stone Age into Iron Age; Sosriqwe was the ore or the metal infant extracted from the stone and became Lhepsch’s inspiration to fashion phenomenal weapons.


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