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Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016




  1. Lhepsch iy Ghwusch’ ’edem iy X’ibar

The Story of Lhepsch’s Pincer


Kabardian text


Latinized Circassian text

Lhepsch ghwusch’ ‘ede iy ’ighwu ghwuch’ew schitaqim. Zerighwuch’ew schitar iy’emche’ ghwusch’ plhar iy ’ighwu arasch. Pschejizch guerim Lhepsch iy fizim bilimir diyxuaue, ghwuegum ble wch’a teilhu iyriyhel’asch, blem iy ch’epiyt’ir zebledzawe.

Fizir qek’wezhriy Lhepsch zhiriy’asch:

- Se nobe ble wch’a cxuezatiy abi eschh ‘ede psch’ame, ghwusch’ir iyriyubidu, uiy’er iymicew wriylazche x’unt. – zhiy’eri. Lepsch dech’riy eiplhasch. Qak’wzhiriy abi eischhu ‘ede iysch’eriy. Abich’e lazhew sch’iydzasch. Abdeyzhim ‘eder yasch’u qeizchasch. Abi yapech’e ‘ede schi’aqim. Lhepsch iy ‘eghwuapem ziriy iyriyghaplhew schitaqim. Iy ch’ischir sit schighuiy  ghebidawe, abi iy k’wets’im eizir schilazheu schitasch. F’iyplha newzch iy ‘esch’aghem schiynezhasch.


English Translation

Lhepsch had no pincer to hold iron while practicing black smithy. He used to seize the flaming hot iron with his bare hands. One morning, while Lhepsch’s wife was ushering the cows into the barn, she noticed a stiffened lifeless snake lying on the ground. The snake’s head and end solidly intertwined in a spherical shape. The wife rushed to Lhepsch and said:

-I have come across a dead snake resting in a shape that would rally round your labour without burning your hands.

Lhepsch went out and observed the dead snake. He returned to his smithy and began fashioning a tool in the nature of what he perceived. Lhepsch was first to invent the pincer. He never allowed anyone to watch under his sleeve [1]; he always locked his smithy. Once they saw Lhepsch in labour, he lost his skills.

(Hedeghel’e I968, Vol.I, p. 2I7)


* The story of “Lhepsch’s Pincer” is a wonderful paradigm of erudition through observation, demonstrating an early notion of intuition and innovation.  The snake’s appearance upon death was ultimately the inspiration behind inventing the pincers; one of the various inventions, which made Lhepsch the god of forge and the notorious blacksmith that he was.


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