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Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016



  1. Seteney úy Heku

Seteney’s Oven


Beislenei text



Latinized Circassian text

Seteney hekumre Sosriqwe iy shijeguch’emre ya zexuakum ghugu doch’. Bgim iy lhapem dezh Seteney iy hekur schitasch. Seteney iy hekum ambirmive iylhsch zha’eu schitasch. Iych’I pezht, se siy nech’e slheghuasch. Miver hekum qiymich’iu iych’erex’uhu heku k’wetsim iylhasch. Sch’ip’er f’amisch’ sch’exip’e x’uriy quateu iyji sch’iezhqim. Feeiplh ghesch’eghuenxer ya qutasch.

Hekum Seteneiy iyriypschaf’et, iyriyshxet. Mi x’ibarir eighesch’emiy zok’wer zexizoxir kued yasch’er.


English Translation

A mountain divided between Seteney’s oven and Sosriqwe’s horse tending ring. It has been said that a rock lay inside Seteneys’s oven. That is true; I have seen it with my own eyes. The rock was secured inside the oven and cannot be removed. And when they built a mine in the area, they destroyed the oven leaving no trace of it. Look at them; they destroy all the wonderful things. Seteney used to cook in that oven and eat. This is a story known since time immemorial. I still hear this story. They (the Narts?) knew a great deal.


(Hedeghel’e, I968, Vol.I, p. 156)


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