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Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016




  1. How Sosriqwe seized the Drinking-Vessel

Kabardian text

Weiy, Sosim, and our Nesren Zchach’e,

The lengthy handed and the bearded Narts,

Iymis, son of X’imisch,

Scheweiy, Son of Qanzch,

Are gathered to commemorate the beginning of the new season,

It is Theghelej’s propitious day,

When the Narts celebrate drinking wine,

Raising a toast in the honor of Amisch,

And reciting songs for Sozeresh,

The Narts celebration is endless,

They raised sixty branches together,

And prepared myriad dinner tables,

They are drinking wine,

While the wild deer’s are cooked in the cauldrons,

And the stout bulls are slaughtered.

- Weiy we have conquered the Chint army

- This day is for all Narts

- Today we placed our cauldrons over the fires.

- The Chint prince will host the festivity.

- This day will end invasions upon us

- We pledge, that who encounters us once,

-  Will eternally remember the Narts strikes.

The Adige (Circassian) fire stoves

No longer, bear more cauldrons,

The wines in the wooden casks,

Are bursting through the cover tops.

The bountiful foods

Are weighing down the tables,

The boiling effervesces, deluging from the vessels.

The skies declaim,

The echo of abundance and blessings.

The lads who know none of fatigue,

Are swinging their swords,

And playing Shure-Lhes,

The Jegw commenced,

The arms are entangled [1],

While the earth wavering underneath their feet.

The intrepid young men

Boast their talents and strengths,

“Eiher [2]” they declare,

Then they hold the females’ soft fingertips,

And gently sway,

The mood is vivacious,

The Narts stand,

Their leader rises

Toasting in the honor of Theghelej,

In a demure manner

He holds the vessel, and on behalf of all attendants,

He declares:

- O Narts enlighten me

Who is most worthy of this ‘wine-vessel’ toast?

Who is the sturdiest man?

And who knows none of fear?


The Narts are energized

The Narts are cheerful


- Our hero Bedinoqwe,

Is most worthy of the toast,

He is not only an extraordinary knight,

But a complete Nart,

The Chints’ contender,

He is white and fair-haired, 

Who marches only along the frontlines,

He is neither a glutton nor a drunkard,

And bothers not with drivel,


The Narts are energized

The Narts are cheerful


- Weiy our Nart leader

Son of X’imisch is more worthy of the toast,

Baterez son of X’imisch

He is an intrepid man,

Who is able to reach the ‘Baris’ prairies in one day,

And the one who killed prince Mariqwe with his sword.


The Narts are jaunty

The Narts are energized


- No our leader,

He (Baterez) is not the best of men

They say he shivered when he convened with Mariqwe.


The Narts are jaunty

The Nart are energized


- Weiy our Nart leader

The one worthy of the toast

Is Theghelej’s ally

The one who hoards our lands from aridness,

And when we need fodder

He fetches us cattle from Amisch.

In the battlefield

His manner is like a raging lion

And spares not the life of a foe.

He is always raiding and journeying,

And is never lost or desolate,

In an unfamiliar path,

Embracing his powerful weapon.

When we remain without fire,

He brings us the giants’ blaze.

And when he cuts the heads of his enemies

He fearlessly returns them to their clans.

He is our idol in leadership,

And our leader in times of despair,

His heart is filled with courage,

And the one who is considerate to women,

He is Theghelej’s ally,

Amisch’s friend,

Our Sosriqwe, our Sosriqwe

Is worthy of the youth’s-toast,

Our precious Sosriqwe

Sosriqwe our light,

Golden frontage,

His nation his core,

Wearing his attire,

Sun shining from his cranium.


The Narts leader presents

The Youth-Toast to Sosriqwe

Sosriqwe pronounces an appropriate toast

And drinks the Youth-Toast.


(Jirandoqwe et al. 1951, p. 120)


© Copyright 2018 Zaina El-Said. All rights reserved.

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