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Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016





  1. Lhepsch’s mentor Debech

Kabardian text


One day, three Nart brothers were playing on their horsebacks. Shortly afterward, the mere pleasure turned serious, thus, the horses began clashing their chests. The middle brother fell off his horse and broke his thighbone.

The two brothers carried the injured Nart to the workshop of the blacksmith Debech, to fix his thigh. At the time, Lhepsch was still an apprentice practicing the art of black smithy. It happened so, that that day, Debech was too busy to repair the Narts broken thighbone. He said, “I do not have time to treat him at this moment; my student will take care of the matter.”  The two Narts became irritated, and left the workshop. Lhepsch remained silent, and did nothing to prevent them from departing. As the old blacksmith finished his work, he realized that the three Narts had left.

- They did not reach far from here; bring them back if you suppose you can fix his thighbone.

Said Lhepsch to his mentor.

The old man called the lads back, and once he began treating the broken bone, Lhepsch stood close, and began observing. Soon after, he commanded the pieces of iron to flutter out of Debech’s hands, by the corner of his eye. Despite all his efforts, Debech lost control of the iron pieces, therefore, wearied out, and stopped the treatment process, and said,

- I cannot seem to control the iron bits, and since my apprentice is present, he is more skilled than I am, let him fix it.

Lhepsch carried his tools and treated the Narts broken thighbone.

There is a an old ballad that bears their names: Lhepsch and Debech.


(Hedeghel’e, 1968, Vol.I, p. 234)


*This tale demonstrates two important facets; initially, it narrates Lhepsch’s early education in the art of black smkithy, monitored by his teacher Debech. The second vital aspect, is the outstanding acquaintance in Orthopedic surgery, where the insertion of metal or steel was the the method in treating and replacing the Narts broken thighbone. 


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