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  1. The Narts Golden Tree

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The Narts had a Golden Tree that enclosed phenomenal attributes. Once a year, an apple that grew on the treetop, enlarged the first six months of the year, and grew smaller the following six months. This apple looked like no ordinary one, and enclosed a sweeter savor and firmer body than the other colored apples.

Lady Setenaei had tried the benefits of this apple. She used to pick it upon the early cold winter season, and place it in a chest – calamities arise suddenly, one would be at the best of health, then unexpectedly would fall frail, thus, she (Setenaei) used this apple as a cure.-

Whoever tasted this apple became altruistic, loving, and young looking, inverting advanced age into youth.  

No one has ever heard that Setenaei grew old, lost her strength, nor became her face furrowed. How would it be known if she never did grow old?

She used to spread the apples’ white pulp, which looked like butter, on her face, thus becoming white as snow. Her face was as soft as a mirrors surface. She used to boil the apples’ skin, and whoever drank it, became joyful and compassionate. 

Eiminezch [1] had heard about the Narts Golden Tree miraculous attribute, hence, he pretended to have become blind and frail, and requested from Lady Setenaei:

- Setenaei, - he called

- Yes.

- My legs no longer can no longer carry me, my eyes no longer see the road afore me, and the brain in my head is no longer brisk. Short time remains until my end, do cure me, - said Eiminezch- do you think I am not aware of the benefits of this apple.

- My apple will not do any good to you; - said Lady Setenaei – you have been an advocate of hatred and committed so much tyranny. - Said Seteneai, and refused to cure him

“Since you refuse to cure me with your apple, thus I shall divest you from its benefits.” – said Eiminezch, and one night, he sneaked into the Narts lands and cut off the Narts Golden Tree. If the tree remained, the Narts would have continued living and maintained eternal youth until this day.

(Hedeghel’e, 1968, Vol.I, p. 89)


*Generally, an apple tree embraces high significance in mythology and monotheistic religions, mainly associating with knowledge, consciousness, rebirth, and good & evil. The Narts Golden Tree account equally corresponds to the mythological and biblical counterparts; it holds the key to immortality, youth, and righteousness, denoting the tree’s vitality to existence in harmony. Moreover, this account imparts Lady Setenaei’s most notorious characteristics: eternal beauty and youth, wisdom, innovation, and healing abilities.

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