The Amazon Warriors among the Circassians' Translated & Annotated by

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Submitted: September 30, 2016

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Submitted: September 30, 2016




  1. The Amazon Warriors among the Circassians

The Circassian allegory has it, that when our ancestors lived by the shores of the Black Sea, they constantly fought against woman warriors. These women refused to integrate any man amongst them, and they used to cut and burn their right breast with heated plates of tin, which eased employing their right hand during battle. Our fierce battles against them sometimes prevailed and at times declined. Towards the end of the struggle, and before the final battle, the women warriors’ leader, who was wise and fair, requested to convene with the prudent Circassian army leader Toulmey.

A tent was raised between both camps for the meeting, and after a long convention, the Amazon leader declared to her army that Toulmey’s raison d'être was stronger than hers was. Thus, she decided to marry him, and ordered her army to pursue the same action in order to spread peace and harmony between the two nations. Consequently, they became one nation and lived in peace on the same land until this day.


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