Pearls of wisdom

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As oil in lamp keeps the flames burning, similarly the embodiment of pearls of wisdom through which our soul is purged always keeps fire in our belly. Strong convictions and beliefs always ignite the elements through which our soul is constituted.

Title: Pearls Of Wisdom

As oil in lamp keeps the flames burning, similarly the embodiment of pearls of wisdom through which our soul is purged always keeps fire in our belly. Strong convictions and beliefs always ignite the elements through which our soul is constituted. The credence in the guardian angel that dwells inside each one of us makes us the paragon of virtue. Rain pours, seasons and men come and go but an angel who inspires never goes. It is the guardian angel who helps us to discern the signs of universe. One should never be dispirited in life. We must resurrect our soul through the torch of divine light. Remember that nothing is true that is wrong inside you. Always believe in the good that is inside you. Our cynical instincts will make us a prophet of doom and will lead to strangulation of our soul. So we should not let gloomy and pessimistic intuitions grow inside us. The sanguine side of our inner self should be cultivated. Rite of passage is a stage of life which is marked by edification of mind and character and illumination of soul. Life is not all moonlight and roses. Sometimes life is stuttering and abstruse. It is a far-fetched reality which dazzles us completely. Heuristic approach can help us to understand the turbulence of life. Life becomes invigorating when it is adorned with both realistic and surrealistic adventures. Our soul is endowed with sacred powers. This divine energy has enshrined our body and mind safely. Ablution of soul reflects the essence of inner man that exists inside us. This can be achieved through self enlightenment and when we exude great willingness to perform meditative introspection. The cosmic principle is about understanding the symbiotic relationship between the climax and anticlimax events of life. Transcendental experiences help us to balance the up and down in our lives. Bad experiences teach us a lot. They are all part of life’s rich tapestry. Every good or bad episode in life is a challenge which one needs to come across to reach their destination. Sometimes we are beleaguered by the predicament of life. Human beings easily sink into the miasma of forlornness and despair when they feel some evil is lurking in their way. At that time learn to grapple with sentiments of your mind and soul. A ruminative road is the best way to triumph over the battles of your life. In this spiritual voyage of self discovery never abhor yourself if defeats occur. But always remember that defeats will only occur when we will give up our goal. Otherwise we will always emerge victorious. Vicissitudes of life chase everyone but one should visualize such scrimmage with equanimity. The well spring of happiness and gratification comes from the unswerving faith in divine power that resides within the soul of man. Each second of man’s imagination is either constructive or destructive to the miracles of time. Life is special and worthwhile when we paint rosy picture of each and every second that is graced upon us. No matter what time brings with it. May be time makes history and thus will be etched on our minds forever. Or maybe the memories of time get lost in the shuffle. We should still go into rhapsodies over each second of our life offered to us by the almighty. Life makes us sad, happy, maddened, and hopeful. It is about this unknown world which is difficult to explore. Why not convert a sad world into a delighted one just by sharing a bit of love that is inside all of us. Whenever a new day begins it brings with it something anew. Seize the day and seek out the recherché aspects that life bestows upon us. Every day the rising sun marks the dawn of love and hope in our life. A brightened day adds lustre to the face of a woebegone soul. The pall of sadness is removed from our heart and soul when we bask in the glory of pulchritudinous earth. Love is the greatest force that can transform anyone or anything on the face of earth. Sometimes when we are wandering like a lost soul and suddenly the feeling of love starts to burgeon in our heart it is just like manna from heaven. Knowing about love is just an epoch-making event in one’s life. This universe is a saga of love and war. It is an enchanting trove of enigmatic secrets. One who brings into light these hidden treasures becomes a sagacious person. We all take centre stage in this universe. Ablaze your life in the afterglow of every new day that dawns upon you welcoming its buoyant wishes. Soothe your soul by listening to the voice of your heart. Learn to admire alluring beauties of nature every day. Never lose hope. If you lose it your life will become dull and worthless. But if you always keep it safe in your heart life will give you a second chance to attain what you want. Move ahead, don’t stop unless and until you achieve the raison d’être of your life. Our future destination depends on our present. So let’s see what happens in future. May be some of us are still lost in our past. But our present is still going on. Let’s come together and search the love we lost and prepare ourselves for the love we want to save. Remember that we are someone to walk on this earth, to make it blissful and heavenly so that wherever we go with memories of love we get surrounded by ravishing and splendid isolation. Ignite the flames of wisdom in your heart. May these flames of salvation douse with them slough of despondency into ashes which has asunder the true being from within. Let’s each one of us open the windows and doors of our hearts so that the evocative sensations of life enter inside us. We should evince that these tempestuous realizations imbued with ineffable ecstasy will take us to untrodden and finally unexplored path which will finally become the destiny of our lives.

Few words in glory of my lord:

Love lies within us

The place where we have our true ways

Time cuddling and clasping our days

And reminiscing great days

Oh lord I don’t know what part of the year it is

But I know that all the time thee are so dear to me

Hearing my voice, feeling my heart and desire, please come to me

Fill my heart with something good that I lack

You spread thy charm

Whenever I feel it I just want to hide in thy arms

Sometimes I cry to unburden my pains

But learning from thee I realized to smile to unburden others pain

Few lines of love I’ll express today

So that when I search for thee I remember them all through the way

I realize how much I love thee when tears start flowing out of my eyes

Hearing thy voice filled with imbue

This love can never end

It’s true love which reveals my pains

In my heart thee will live forever

Contemplating with reverence the times we spent together

Oh lord thee fill my heart with the love for which I’ve been waiting for so long

May be thee heard my voice when I was singing a song

Savouring old memories

Dancing little fairies

Thy presence so alive

Gives me a relieving sigh

Between us are rising tides

Saying for thee I cried

Come rain or shine, lord I promise to embrace thy love and blessings

Here I beseech to the almighty to listen to my prayer:

Under the firmament, I kneel down and bow my head in supplication like a pagan

Communing with thee, the master of the cosmos to forgive me for all my trespasses

Lo and behold the bewitching countenance of this walloping universe

May the beget of this world answer my benediction when I am bereft of love and hope in my life

May the Isles of the Blessed shower their grace upon me to make me gallant in the face of life and death

May my soul be as deep and vast as the soul of the oceans of the world

Oh my lord, may I meet thee into the wide blue yonder

May the blitheness and euphoria that was lost in the mists of time be born and bred again

May the moment of epiphany in my life arrive with the advent of realizing my conscience

May I always be ensconced in the bosom of my mother earth

May the fountain of wisdom instil vigour in me

May the elements of my heart and soul be always bound together forming a group like a galaxy of stars

May I be the epitome of elemental wisdom from the cradle to the grave

May my life become an inspiring tale for others

May the sun-kissed earth and the azure sky make me an aesthetic person

May the twinkling stars and moonlight salvage my soul in the darkness of night

May I always foster the tenderness of love and warmth in my heart and soul

May an effusion of affection and devotion evoke in me the memories of marvellous times

May my soul be overwhelmed with love for mankind

May my devotion be reflected in the work that I perform

May I become a knight in shining armour for vulnerable people

May I be virtuous enough to extol thy both formidable and pleasant demeanour

May I become a messenger of love and happiness for wretched souls

May in retrospect I contemplate the delectable times of my life

May in solitude my desperate soul touches the horizon

May I understand the value of contentment that one receives by treating everyone with magnanimity

May I not be lost in imbroglios of life.

May my tears of joy become a welcome song for the rains of empyrean

May the creations of nature be redolent with smells of life

May my train of thought flow inside me like a holy river

May I win the combats of life through the weapons of peace and love

May I always venerate the whirligig of time

May I will be able to make the meaning of love come true along with thee

May the divine power manifest itself on the face of this earth to make me a true human being.

Submitted: October 01, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Heenam. All rights reserved.

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