Looking For Our Kin

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Preview of The Next Of Kin coming soon...

Looking for Our Kin seeking a new home


 For those we call our family, Those we call our friends. We look for you. Do not seek shelter behind rulers, the trust you put in them is false. If you are sick or in need of food do not go running to them! If your loved ones seek to take refuge with them let them go. Their power attracts the masses but their empires fall. The ones that stand for truth will remain after the torment and suffering. For we will lurk in the shadows, devise in the most meticulous ways. We will gather and multiply. The barren land once called home, haunted by the terror of our loves ones. The deceased still linger around, the dread they carry. What they took will be repaid. We do not lose strength and do not gain fear, when we stand as one we are mighty. All that was done will be undone. 

"Kayle enters the bedroom and sits down on the bed. He sits motionless. As the clock's ticking he stares at the floor and ponders. Time goes by and suddenly silence is broken. "Hey?" "Kayle, you there?" "Yeah I'm here." he replies. Stacy then comes into the bedroom. He turns on the television and begins to watch: "Just in now, Police are currently investigating after the body of man was found on the outskirts of the city near Pantella. They  got called there after residents reported strange lights and other activies in the area. As of now no further information is being released." "What are you watching?" "Just what's on the news." he says. "You know you should try to get some rest," she says. "I will in a while," he responds. Stacey then shuts the door. He waits until he can hear her footsteps go away. Then he turns the TV off and begins to think again.

The next morning Kayle wakes up after a night of sleep. He comes downstairs to find his brother there and his girlfriend making breakfast. "Hungry?" She asks. "Yeah," Kayle responds as he sits down and starts to eat. His phone then rings. "What's good man?" "What's up , I'm just eating breakfast right now, I'll start making my way there when I finish." "Alright man just message me when you get to downtown." "Will do."(hangs up) "Who was that?" His brother Matt asks. "Joey, I'm going to go meet up with him," he says. "Hey do you mind taking transit, I need the car this morning?" Kayle asks. "Sorry bro, I tried starting this morning, something's not working in there. " he replies back. "Oh, okay it's whatever," he says. Kayle finishes eating and goes back up stairs to get ready. He gets cleaned up and heads out the door. "See you later bro. Bye Stacey" he says as he gives her a peck while leaving. 

Kayle arrives at the LRT station and waits at the front of the platform. He stands cautiosly, patiently waiting for the train. The bell rings and the train arrive's. The doors open and it's slightly packed. "Hey excuse me, can I get by. Sorry." It then leaves. Then it comes to stop at 8th street station and half of the passengers get off as some get on. "Hey do you mind if I can get by?" "Sure," says Kayle. The train proceeds to leave. "Going to work?" the passenger asks. " Oh no, I'm just going to meet a friend," he responds. "What about you?"  "I'm heading down to Sunridge, going home to my girl," he says. "Nice," says Kayle. "She's in labor and the baby's expected anytime now." "Really? Well good for you, I hope it comes out healthy." Kayle says. "Thanks." says the passenger. Suddenly passengers look out the window and gasps are heard. 

The train gets impacted and bodies go flying everywhere. Flames engolf sections of the train and panic is insued everywhere. People are clinging to their lives while others are dead. Kayle slowly comes to and notices the current state. His vision is blurred and his ears can hear the commosion. He looks up at the window and attempts to get out. As he does all there is, is chaos. Once out the train he looks around and sees the condition of downtown. There is pure melee. He runs down and stops at the end of the street. As he's gazing around he can see people seem to be running. He keeps staring and sees the people are running in directions. He stops and tries to think, why everyone's scattering. Then suddenly, in the far distance. He sees it. His eyes widen and he gets a huge sense of fear. He freezes for a second and survival instinct kicks in.  His only objective is to make it somewhere safe. He runs to the nearest building not demolished. As he's running there are others who are also running desperate  for their lives. They all head to the closest secure building in an attempt to get somewhere protected. As the group are proceeding to run they look back and see more people dying. Just horror. They quickly run to the entrance of the building and as soon as everyone makes it in the close the doors shut!

Submitted: October 01, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Kier Wrote. All rights reserved.

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