The Lie

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Ella always thinks about the worst case scenario. She lives her life battling with 'what if?' thoughts on a daily basis. One day, these thoughts seem to become a reality for her as Ella finds herself the victim of a horrible case of bullying. Yet, she did have it coming, right? She wasn't exactly innocent in all of this, was she?

Submitted: October 01, 2016

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Submitted: October 01, 2016




Poppy was on the bus. She had to look at the picture message twice before she could make any sense of what was before her. She stood up and took a deep breath in. Her stop was coming up. She couldn't stop grinning to herself. Cathy was a genius. She thought about how everyone would turn on Ella now. Her time had finally come.


As Ella drove into Mercy Road School, something didn't seem right. She reached the front door and pulled it open. She walked through the hallway and began to notice people staring. What's going on? She pushed through the crowd of girls to see what they were looking at. In the sixth year gathering room there was a projector with a large screen. At first, Ella didn't quite understand what was going on. She looked at the image of herself on the screen and recognised it instantly. The naked picture Jake wanted. Poppy's Jake.  She began to feel faint when suddenly she realised the snapshot had a caption, 'Your pic as promised Mr. B. A+ don't forget!'




When we are young children we encounter many incidents that require us to 'forgive' the other person. As toddlers, in pre-school, we are forced to share our toys with children we do not like. As children, in primary school, we are taught about empathy and forgiveness and how important it is to understand both. We are given lessons in secondary school about morals and doing the 'right' thing. As young people, we are given the impression that forgiving someone is a hard thing to do; but necessary. Adults try their best to graft and mould us into individuals who say 'sorry' and who say 'I forgive you.' We are praised for our efforts and rewarded for accepting apologies when people have done wrong by us. Yet, forgiving someone for what they have done can be difficult, especially when they have ruined your entire life.


Ella sat and pondered over what to do next. She opened the email again and stared at the words. She felt nothing. Didn't someone once tell her that when someone says sorry; it makes everything okay? Didn't someone once explain that saying sorry makes the whole situation better? Here they were, all four of them, in a very cleverly written email, apologising for what they did ten years ago. Ella wondered what had triggered the guilt. She thought long and hard about which one of them decided an email would be best. She closed her eyes and imagined the four of them sitting there, giggling, smirking and finally deciding, 'it'll do.' She imagined their relief when they clicked - send. She visualised their faces lighting up. She wondered did they reassure each other that it was finally over? Did they ever chat about why they lied? Did they ever think, what we did was wrong? With a lump in her throat and a shaky hand, Ella began typing her reply.

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