The dog that never existed

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A young man showed up at my storage unit while I was working. You could not possibly guess how this story progressed and ended with a bang.

Submitted: October 01, 2016

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Submitted: October 01, 2016





The year 1999, I was working at my storage unit my planer machine was running making a lot of noise.  Something caught my sight I looked up.  A young man was standing outside the open door, sweating profusely, holding a t-shirt in his right hand, wearing shorts.  I shut off the plainer, asked him if I could help him?  He asked me if I had seen a dog run by the unit I told him no.

My storage unit was one of two hundred units, in rows of twenty-five, Off Three Mile Road in Traverse City, Michigan half a mile south of South Airport Road. This compound was not entirely visible from the road; there were six feet tall cedar trees stretching along in front of the office building.  I asked the young man how he had lost his dog?  He told me that he and his girlfriend had just bought him [The dog] from a person in Acme, four and a half miles north of us.

He said he and his girlfriend stopped at a gas station in Acme; opened the door, so he could get out to pump gas the dog got out of the car and ran away towards my storage unit.  I asked him if he had chased the dog through the woods and fields between four mile and three-mile roads?   He told me that he had.  I asked him why he was not totally soaked and covered in mud?  Because I knew the terrain that he had said he traversed consisted of wetlands and bogs. He told me that he was real careful.  

 At that point, I began questioning his story in my mind, but hey the same thing had happened to my first wife and I some twenty years earlier, except for chasing the dog through a swampland.  Then he asked me if I would give him a ride back to Acme.  Well, I thought that his story was inconsistent with the facts of the surrounding area.  However, he offered to pay me twenty [20] dollars for a ride.  Before I answered him I sized him up, and thought what if he had a gun if I got in the car with him, he could take the vehicle and shoot me.

On second thought I could see that he did'ent have a weapon because he was wearing shorts.  I saw that I was physically stronger than he was and he was only in his late teen's early twenties.  And if he would have had a gun or a lethal weapon he could have taken the car anyway.  I decided to give him a ride.  However, I told him that twenty [20] dollars would have been too much; I would do it for ten dollars [10].

At that point the young man reached into his pocket he pulled out a large roll of cash, he had many fifty  [50] dollar bills, even more, twenty  [20] dollar bills, several one hundred [100] dollar bills, and a few ten [10] dollar bills.   I have had a thousand [1000] dollars in small bills in my hands more than once.

This young man had at least that much and probably much more.   Another red light went on in my head.  Now I knew something was wrong, but I knew he was unarmed and I figured that I could have taken him if I would have had to.

We got in the car and turned north onto Three-mile road heading towards East Bay.  As we approached the intersection at Three-mile and South Airport Road a half mile from my unit the light was red we stopped.  Two hundred [200] yards ahead on the opposite side of the road on Three Mile road there was a car that had been pulled over with a woman driver by a State Policeman.  

 The light turned green we proceeded forward as we passed the State Policeman I asked the young man "are you in trouble with the law"  His reply was "no."  "Are you sure you're not in trouble with the law?" I asked again" Once more his answer was "no not me."  At that point, I began telling him a story about several people that I have known in the past who were driving illegally.

They were driving safe, but the police spotted them behind the wheel and pulled them over and arrested them. 

As the young man and I approached the school on Three Mile Road, near Aero Park Drive I looked in my rear view mirror and what do you think I saw? You probably think I saw a State Police car write-wrong?  I saw not one State Police vehicle, but there were four of them all with their little red lights blinking.

At that point, I looked over at the young he was staring at me I said: "they gotcha.!"  I pulled over in front of the school all four State Police cars on my tail I rolled down my window and began looking for my papers.  I had been drinking beer before all of this happened I was not drinking in the car I left the beer in the storage unit.

As all of the Police Men rushed my car, I had all of my papers in order, in my left hand hanging out the window.  However, the Police Men did not approach my side of the car they rushed the young man opened the door dragged him out of the car, frisked him cuffed him and took him away.  One of The Police Men did approach my window however and questioned me I told him the whole story about the dog and everything he laughed.  

 He asked me how long I had known the young man about forty-five [45] minutes I told him.  I asked the Officer what the young man had done he had robbed some place.  The State Police saw the young man in another car with another innocent driver they cornered the car, the young man fled the scene and ended up at my storage unit.  As I had suspected the young man did not run through a swamp four and a half miles away looking for a dog that did not exist, he was a mile and a half away at the end of Three Mile Road across from the State Park.

While I sat in my car waiting for the Police to let me go, another police car was coming from the north on Three Mile Road; he stopped on the other side of the street.  This car was a Sheriff car during all the time I sat their dozens of cars rolled by me slowly.  I wondered how many people knew that was my car and that I was sitting in it surrounded by Police cars and policemen.  

 Finally, I was free to go.  As the Police Officer left my window, I called him back and told him the young man had given me ten [10] dollars for gas.  I did'ent want it I gave the money to the police officer he said it would get back to where it belonged.  I called all of my friends to tell them I was not in trouble with the law.  This whole thing got started because of a dog that did not exist.

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