Watching The Arena

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Come with me and watch the 'stupid' show.

Submitted: October 01, 2016

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Submitted: October 01, 2016



Watching The Arena


I know a place, a secret place, a place where we can go,

Where we can sit in silence and watch the ‘stupid’ show.


There’s going to be much arguing, flinging out of accusations;

So many words will be exchanged, a media sensation.


The whole world is in chaos, gripped by insanity,

Will it settle down again or become catastrophe?


There are so many so-called ‘leaders’ who think that they are right,

They enter the arena just spoiling for a fight.


Their ideas smash, their ideals clash, there’s no way that they’ll agree

But the media will report it all with undisputed glee.


The wars are never-ending, somewhere there’s always one

Or many more ‘cause rivalry is what the world’s become.


So please just come along with me and sit and watch the race

To see who will end humanity and win themselves first place.


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