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Submitted: October 01, 2016

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Submitted: October 01, 2016



One student punched her in the nose before she crossed the street while she was walking home. The students continually attacked her through social media posts. They posted death threats and suicide note plagiarizing her identity with an obscure remark of herself as “fat, ugly, and stupid.”


My sister had experience severed trauma written on her life from being bullied by her classmates. Her experiences has led her to stop talking and not trust people. At home, she’s a nice, quiet sister but never made any friends throughout her middle school.


And now that’s she has entered high school, things had intensified, her classmates are more cruel, coursework are tougher, and teachers have continually imposed the same biased.


In learning, we often dismisses the difference between students who doesn’t want to learn and a student who lacks motivation. Thus, those two things are on the opposite pole but we refer to indicate these as the same thing. While motivation can have a variety of raining and digging of sources, lack of motivation has the opposite effects. A student who lacks motivation can stem from a wide variety of unfortunate experiences.


A student who has been bullied throughout her school year doesn’t shred off school because she doesn’t want to learn, rather she lacks the motivation between the barrier of being bullied so that she couldn’t see what’s ahead of her. We need to stop judging these students like they are bad students. But we need to influence them through continuous support and encouragement.

We can all be an advocate of our own experiences; a defender of the broken, and a healer of others.

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