The Python Prophecy

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What will Acheron do when he finds out that he is a son of Zeus? And is further given a prophecy to fulfill? With the Greek Monstor, Python sitting in the Oracle read on to find out

Submitted: October 01, 2016

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Submitted: October 01, 2016



I watched as twelve pairs of demigods fought against each other. They were trying to qualify for their ultimate dream- to lead the army of Pyrrhus of Epeiros. I wanted to do so but the honour of doing so was only entrusted with demigods- the sons and daughters of the Greek Gods. I watched as I always did, recognising the children of Athena, Apollo, Ares, Demeter, and Hermes. I really liked the fighting style of the children of Athena and Apollo. I really practised with the wooden sword I had. Nobody except the army soldiers and demigods was allowed steel swords. I also liked the shooting style of the sons of Apollo.  The children of Hephaestus always worked in the forges making weapons. The children of Goddess Aphrodite and the wine God, Dionysus helped with the other tasks. There were no children of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, which I found odd. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Acheron the son of Celina. I lived in Athens. I knew nothing about my father. So I climbed the tree and walked along the street and into the market. It was always crowded with merchants trying to sell perfumes, spices, and whatnot. I stopped at the statue of Athena that was being constructed. I admired the delicacy and grace of the people that were working on the statue. I passed the market and went into the temple of Zeus and sat by the altar. I put some fruit into the fire and prayed silently for some miracle to happen. I prayed in the temple every day. As I was walking out, I saw an old man and he gestured me to follow him.  Unaware of the surroundings, I followed him. I felt a lurch in my stomach as if I was travelling at a high speed. I noticed the sound of praying and tried to figure out where it came from. I looked around me hoping to see the walls of the temple. Instead, I saw a forest. Then, I realized that we had reached Delphi. Delphi was a place that I had wanted to go for a long time but could never get there because it was too far to walk. I looked around and about for the man but he was nowhere to be found. I immediately spotted the door of the Oracle nearby. I walked to the door of the Oracle and saw the man inside. I went inside and something hissed. I looked in the corner of the room and saw smoke billowing out of the mouth of the Grand Priestess. I started to speak something but the old man silenced me by saying, “Shhh! She’s gonna speak a prophecy.”. Then the Priestess of Delphi spoke:

“Oh thy son of Zeus,

Will go to the Oracle of Trophonius,

To defeat the evil sitting there

And restore the order for good and all.”

“To whom was she referring?” I asked the old man. The old man replied, “To you, my son.” Saying this he changed from an old man to a form I recognized; he was Zeus. I kneeled before him with the utmost respect. He said “Stand up my son. Ah, I remember the days with your mother, Celina. But I think you heard that old lady there.  First, you must go on a quest to the Oracle of Trophonius and defeat the evil that sits there.” He waved his hand and suddenly I was wearing a gleaming well-polished suit of armour. I stood gaping at Zeus, my father standing above. He mockingly laughed and said, “Don’t be astonished. Here take this sword. It has the power of lightning and we help you fight.” I took the sword and practised with it. It seemed perfect for me. “Defeat him!” Zeus shouted after me. Suddenly I fainted and when I woke up, I found myself in an unknown forest. Next to me was a bag in which there was some godly food ambrosia, godly drink nectar, water and a knife. I immediately understood that I was near the Oracle of Trophonius. I walked in the forest and my keen eyes saw something a mile ahead. I thought it to be the Oracle. I walked as fast as I could. Along the way, I started feeling hungry. I took a little piece of ambrosia and saved the rest for later. It tasted like my mother’s best food. I started feeling hungry so I plucked fruits along the way and ate them. My ears picked out the something rustling in the woods. I took out my knife and threw it in that direction. As my knife sloped towards the bush, a dozen arrows struck it from all sides. I realized that this was a trap. I leapt softly over the knife and came on the other side. I took the arrows and kept them in the bag to use the bag as a quiver. Then I took the knife and using a tree, I delicately carved out a bow and using a strand of the leaf as the string, made it into a real bow. I tested it by shooting an arrow and then went softly forward. About 15 minutes later into the forest, I saw something shimmering ahead and I picked a pebble and threw it onward. Immediately, the stone was encased in a fire. I took a different route by going around a few trees and then saw the temple gates. I went near it, gladly feeling that my quest was over when I saw two minotaurs standing guard at the gates. I crept near them, strung an arrow into the arrow and shot it near the first one. He looked away and was distracted when I threw the knife towards him. He turned to sand and got soaked into the earth. The second minotaur stared in confusion and was trying to find me when I raised my sword and summoned lighting onto him. He too turned to golden dust and I let out a gasp of air. I slung the bow onto my back and went forward into the chamber. There I saw an amazing sight. I saw a huge serpent twirled around in the chamber which I recognised as Apollo’s arch enemy, Python. I squeaked in fright. He woke up. “So that coward Zeus sent someone else to do his dirty work.” he sighed, shaking his head. “I suppose I will have to kill you.” Python hissed and swung his tail at me. I staggered back but quickly recovered. Meanwhile, Python was preparing another attack. I advanced towards him and jumped in the air. I lay suspended in the air. I came to know that I could fly and I flew around Python. Seeing me fly around, he got dizzy. Then I summoned lightning and hit him with it. He dissolved. The green fumes of the Oracle filled up the place and I carried away by it to my village. I woke up the next day in my straw bed, wondering whether it was a dream. I found myself entering the barrack instead of climbing a tree. Strangely, everyone seemed to be kneeling in front of me. I wondered why but soon my curiosity was answered when I saw myself in the pond. There was a strange lightning bolt around my head and I soon understood; I was claimed by my father Zeus. I took out my sword and everyone began to rise. I went to learn to fight with them.

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