Between brothers

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Two brothers haven't seen each other over 30 years

Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016



As the doors open the lady behind the counter asked who I came to see I told her I am the lawyer for pastor Jennings as I show her my id she looked at me with a strange look and said ain't you the guy that's nominated for the huh huh what's it called I said Attorney General she said yeah i saw you on the news couple weeks ago i said yeah that's was me as she hand me back my id, well how did it go she asked as I start walking I said it went very well I should know something soon. She said good luck and I let the guards know to bring him out I said thanks being a little nervous I haven't seen seen my brother over 30 now he locked up for murder so many questions to asked but the truth must be met to find liberation. As I sat at table I keep thinking do he want to see me but my question was answer when he walked through the door handcuffed. The guard said you got a hour. He said okay...I just look at him for five minutes without saying a word. My older brother in the place he should have been 30 years ago..Are you gonna speak or just stare he said. You don't remember me do you I asked. You look familiar he said i might seem you at my lawyer office. I practiced my own law I said. Wow you really dont remember me ,but Mom always said be there for your brother cause balance hold each up that when he looked up and started crying as he recognized me and the saying . My baby brother I haven't seen you in 30 years where have been he asked..the shell has been broken now what is inside. I got my G.E.D. on the inside I took some college classes I got my degree and once I got out I enrolled into college to get master I took the state bar examine I pass I started working for a good firm I end up leaving cause I learn I could better on my own which I did I became very successful and I started to get noticed my background ground came up and you came up along with it. A political writer found about the robbery we did so I had to respond to this questions I look I did the time and I was young at the time but I was in a good space until I find out my big brother is locked up while I am nominated for Attorney General..consequenced or not?. I asked...He just looked at me and asked why are you here? Why I am here to help you I guess I said I don't need your help I got plenty of lawyers trying to get me out once I make bail I will find out and know who killed my wife. Oh really I said Yes really he said Well I am not taking no for answer I made a promise to mom to looked out for you now I am gonna be that balance you need and as you can see our time is up so go back to your cell and think about what you want to tell me on our next meeting. I don't think you want to go there he said Yes I do I want to know everything I said as he walking out of the room... He just look at me like the Pandora box is about to be open. As i walked out the building I instantly started figuring out where my cousin lived or maybe I went by the old neighborhood I ran to some familiar faces I asked have they seen my cousin they said unless he out drugs therapy he probably over by Petway st. I keep hearing from people he got strung out on drugs bad after the robbery and my trail I hear did some time in jail nothing big..I drive on petway looking for him I couldn't find that day but three days later I seen him walking with some woman I drove by him as he was walking I rolled the window and yell out his name I had to do it three times before he stop. He said look man I don't know you and I don't own you so why are you bothering me I have seen my pisst came back clean.. I knew he was lying cause he coming off a high but it didn't matter cause I found my cousin...I said no I am not trying to arrest you or bother you it's me cousin.. kaleb You ain't kaleb .kaleb is locked up.. I asked him do you remember what my mom your auntie uses to say to us he repeated the qoute with me...and he started crying as he hug me ..kaleb is that you he asked I said yes it's me ...where have you been and why haven't you been back after you got out...I told I didn't want to come until I made something of myself..He looked at me said why so long thou while I was locked up moms dies and I really had nobody big brother enlists in the army so I didn't heard from him until now and you well you dealth with the pain and reality..I wanted to come to see you he said but I know that a long bus ride. I told I understood I asked how he holding up he said he was good he got a girlfriend but he was noticing what I was driving damn cousins you driving clean what you slanging and put me on he said joking I don't sell drugs I am a lawyer now. I'm here to my brother..what so big cousin pastor of the high and mighty mega church always in television done now asking people for too much money Naw he is locked up for murder of his wife I said What, what, not Rachel she is dead he said as he start crying she was always good to me even he helped me to get back on my feet and even bailed me out couple times but cuz didn't like it he keeps saying I was a bad reputation to the family and the church...I asked where he was staying he said in different places .. I told him to get in the car you staying with we got back to condo I told him i want to know everything but he needs to clean-up I gave him soap and towels and clean clothes...try these on for now we go get you some new clothes tomorrow and your days of get high are over I told him he said okay but you know when a junkie said okay he have to still watch them....what you want to eat I asked he said he had a hamburger in a long time as I started cooking he started asking more know I am a junkie but I am not stupid so why are you back...well I got nominated for attorney General and once my pass was brought up I started thinking about home then I find out my brother is locked up murder.. You don't know do you he asked Know what I said Asked your brother he said why I left the church he started after he got out of the army...asked about his wife, asked him about his so-called son.. Wait he has a son I said interrupting I got a nephew Yeah if you want to see it that way What you mean I said Look he said when you found me you found the may be home to defend your brother but you are really back to find hidden answers about you, your brother, and me and even his wife and son..I don't know how long you planning on staying but you are gonna leave a different man if you do leave...I guess Pandora box is surely open where do I begin cause so many questions and so many unanswered...I got to find the son to see what really happen and get to know my nephew...cuz how I can I get in touch with his son..well i was told him and his wife lives in the new suburbs out east.. what the name I asked...something Glen wood he said. ..I googled Glenn's Glen clove..I knew I had Glen in it he said....I looked up his name and got the address from the church directory...I got it I'm go by his house tomorrow maybe we get to the bottom of sure you want to go over there I said yeah. .cuz I am trying to help you he said..i am good now get some rest sleep in the guest bedroom...the next morning I made breakfast and my cuz was still sleep I knock on the door get cuz breakfast is ready...I open the door my cuz is shaking I need a hit cuz keep saying just one more hit...I told him no...I need you to get better I dress him and took him to the clinic to get feeling better I asked no he said too bad ride me over to my nephew house I said. .wait you want me go over there with you are sure? I said yeah i am sure Okay don't say I didn't warn you Whatever I said by the way how old is my nephew I asked He said 29 or 30 Damn that old I said. .I don't remember any of his girlfriend been pregnant or having a girlfriend named Rachel I remember I had a girlfriend name Rachel Then that when Pandora box officially open up I am about to meet my son and he don't know nothing about me and i didn't know nothing him...what do I said hi I am your lost uncle, but really your lost dad or do I say nothing at all. I pulled in the drive way .

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