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"PHARAOH"S GLORY' at amazon .ASIN: B01LY586WO. It is a book about travel in the past and meeting the old vicar. The travel was by 4 kinder. They met old vicar. They saw the science's museum .They saw the old Egyptians, how did they love each other and how did they cooperate with each other! They attended the old Egyptian armed forces. They saw the pharaoh "Ramses II". How he was admired by his people. His civilization loved to die and he lived forever. They saw the war between Egyptians and the Hittites. They saw the first peace's deal. They knew about the love between Ramses II and Nefertiti. How she loved him indeed? How he loved her in act? He built for her great temples those were established up till now as a proof for everlasting love. He was admired by his people. The parents were judged as they were accused of kidnapping the other foreigners children. They were faced the great punish. They had to be killed. When they faced that punish a great surprise was happened!

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chapter 7

Submitted: October 02, 2016

it tells about the judgment of the two kidnappers. They were accused by kidnapping foreign children. the children were not kidnapped. They were taken by the old vicar Egyptian. they saw the battle between Ramses II and The Hittites. two soldiers were arrested by soldiers of Pharaoh. They told pharaoh that the Hittites army's place. the pharaoh's crossed the river to meet the Hittites. it was trapped . two armies of his armies were destroyed. The king of Hittites ordered to get pharaoh live or dead. he knew he was there. pharaoh left his crown and stick .he gave his clothes to his sacrifice soldier. the Hittites chased him .he faced them. Read Chapter

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