The Sheep That Cried Wolf 2

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Continuing on the adventures of our odd killer

Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016



Society deems evil as something that goes against the norm but what if the norm is a terrible injustice to the evolution of man.

The beer had been absolutely essential.It always was on Sunday nights,when Lerato took it upon herself to cook and serve Bongani a "proper meal".In this part of the city that usually translated to beef casserole cooked in the microwave. The shape varied with the good wife's whims.Sometimes meatballs,sometimes meatloaf and on one memorable occasion,rolled tubes that looked disturbingly like a casserole of severed penises.But the basic ingredients and the resulting indigestion were always the same.Bongani had learned long ago that antacids couldn't touch it,only some beer helped!blessing him with a quick sleep where he passed the time in happy oblivion while his stomach fought the demons of Lerato's kindness

Bongani had fallen asleep on the couch facing the television.When he next opened his eyes,the screen was a battlefield of jittery flashes hissing static and the digital clock face read. Four A.M. When he went to close a window he saw the frosty car at his gate and recognized it immediately.It was a new Mini Cooper model that was in way better condition than his baby which was slowly dying of cancerous rust,but could atleast take him from A to B. In a moment of weakness,he wished he could just ignore the car and go into his warm bed.However,for he was already moving toward the door,tugging his jersey close to his abused belly before stepping out into the dark chill of June.

While walking towards the gate he wondered what his son in law wanted so early in the morning,could it be for another loan,had he been out and scared to go back to his home because of his wife.Bongani knew how strict his daughter was so those scenarios popped into his head naturally. To his surprise he notices his daughters face while instructing the gate to open,he moves closer and to his dismay he sees his daughter and son in law naked and seemingly dead.Bongani runs back into the house and calls for the cops,not wanting to wake up Lerato.But throughout the commotion his wife wakes up."What's going on dear",Lerato asks but before he can explain loud sirens disturb his impromptu speech.

It wasn't the first series of homicides in the city of Mt.Hollow since Captain Ralph Shongwe had his promotion five years ago.It didn't happen very often and for the most part they were the kind of killings people up here could get their heads around:bar fights,domestics,the occasional suspicious shooting range accident. But a dead naked couple positioned in they own vehicle at the gate of a family member?Now that was something else,something senseless and evil that wasn't supposed to happen in a city where kids played outside till dark,nobody locked their door and you had to drive 90 Kilometers east and south to Rocky Arrow just to see an adult film. So this series of growing murders was going to change everything.

Deputy Yannick walked out the house and waited on the top step. "Just tell me you've solved this case so I can go home to bed sir" "I think,the father did it,I mean he didn't hear anything,see anything.fell asleep in front of the television after dinner.Didn't know his daughter and her husband were at the gate until he looked out the window and saw the car around four A.M." Ralph said.But they both knew that theory was rubbish based on the past events of the month,It was obviously their mysterious serial killer up to his no good ways.But what bothered all the officers at the scene was the change of style,how come the bodies were in a car instead of a house and how did the killer know where to park the car if he was the one who drove it their.All the evidence pointed towards a copycat but then again who knew.

"Music please",he says.As the Uber driver turns on the radio to the joy of the passenger its pop music.While mumbling along to the music he plays around with his lighter and two wedding bands.

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