A Raid to Remember

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A short story based in a post-apocalyptic world, set in Washington state, written by me almost 10 years ago.

Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016



 A black van sits by a small camp fire, three survivors are gathered around. A few duffle bags between them, each one packing it with food, water, or ammunition. Though their stock was scarce, their spirits were high. For this was the night that they dared to explore the deserted military base, Olympia. Rumored to still have a surplus of weapons and ammunition, maybe even some MREs.

 The full mooned shined bright over the night sky, making visibilty a little better. The three, recognized by only their codenames, Venus, Mars, and Saturn, threw the bags in the back of the van. After putting out the fire Mars got into the driver seat and Venus in the passenger, Saturn chose to sit in the back. They started off south, Mars didn't turn the headlights on because he felt safer with them off, no unwanted attention he used say. Besides the full moon gave him all the light he needed.

"You know what they say about full moons and these freaks" Mars started to say.

"Oh not another one of your conspiracies Mars," Venus returned "After the whole 'Mega Zombie' bullshit"

"Hey Mega Zombies do exist, several other groups of survivors have reported sightings"

"Fine, we'll hear you out" Venus gave up trying to reject Mars's 'interesting' information.

"They say these undead tend to be more aggressive and travel in packs" Mars seemed very certain with this, but both Venus and Saturn shrugged it off.

 Once they hit the actual road mars took a left, traveled down a quarter mile, then took a right. Directly on the road of the military base. Mars pulled off to the side, about 45 feet from the front gate. Mars and Venus hopped out and headed to the back of the van, opening the doors allowing Saturn to get out. They each opened up a bag that they had previously assigned themselves, for it held their 'claimed' gear. Mars loaded himself with a teklowvka, Saturn brought out his eaglefire, and Venus, had his scoped hawkhound. They all attached suppressors, for this was a smiple 'grab n go' mission.

"Maybe you should bring that too" Saturn said pointing at the dark rifle hanging out of Venus's bag.

"You sure we'll need it?" Venus replied skeptical of the option.

"Better safe than sorry" said Mars agreeing with Saturn.

 Venus grabbed the black rifle and, with a sling, but it on his back, "Better safe then sorry" he repeated to himself with a sigh. It wasn't that Venus didn't want to hold this marvelous rifle, but this rifle labeled 'The Shadow Stalker', was a very powerful and very peculiar piece of hardware. the only one of it's kind that they know of. Not chambered in regular caliber or milimeter rounds, but instead a sharp chunk of metal. That's right, this rifle is a railgun. Very loud, but very deadly.

 Entering the base, Venus banked off right while Saturn and Mars strafed left. Venus found himself going under a watchtower, one of the four on the base - each on a corner, which he then made his way up. There were few zombies, Mars and Saturn taking turns with their shots, while the other piled anything remotely useful into a duffle bag. Venus on the other hand, had to silently take out two undead at the top of the tower, one seeming to attempt to press buttons and the other supposedly overlooking the base. These brain dead humans still act as though they are alive... to an extent.

 Venus calls on the radio "I'm at the tower, it looks pretty clear. Where are you guys?"

Mars returned "Over by the second building" he held up his hand and made a three with his fingers, Thumb, index and middle. It's not the conventional three but it meant something to them.

"I have you on sight, I'll escort you out" Venus replied, staring down his scope at the other two comrades.

Saturn found a box under one of the bunk beds, he pulled it out and showed Mars "it's locked" he said wiggling the metal restraint.

"Here let me have a go at it", Saturn handed it to Mars and he rubbed it violently against the metal bed post.

"Be quiet something or someone might hear you" Saturned warned

 Mars was all to agravated, for it was just a simple little lock. He put down his duffle bag and brought out a blow torch.

"Wait! You don't know if that even works" Saturn said as soon as Mars drew the propane powered torch.

"It'll work" he assured

 Mars turned the knob hearing propane spill out, then light it. It worked fine. He started to slowly burn the lock apart, when the torch started to sputter and it got really hot. "Shit.." Mars said in a moderate tone. He threw the blow torch out the door it smacked the ground hard and shut off. Venus watched as the blow torch hit the ground from his vantage point. He flinched as it hit the the hard dirt, the clanking sound echoed through the almost-empty base. Mars and Saturn froze in place, Venus quickly scoped the area out, looking for signs of unwanted movement, nothing.

"Everything alright down there?" Venus radioed his comrades

"Yeah, it's all good Mars just had a little predicament down here, nothing to worry about" Saturn tried reassuring Venus "everything good up there?"

"No movement at all"

 Once that was said a loud, deep growl was heard from the shooting range in the far back. Mars, and Saturn both exited the building and aimed towards the south wall, where the shooting range was. Venus sighted in on it as well. Mars and Saturn both glanced at each other and started to slowly strafe towards it. Fingers chafing the trigger and firm grasps over the handles, confidence slowly leaving them. Suddenly a monsturous figure busts through the wall that was seperating the 3 from the shooting range. Mars and Saturn opened fire dropping shell casings all over the dirt, the bullets did have an effect on the monster, but not a major one. The Huge Zombie made its way towards the 2 comrades.

 Saturn and Mars start to split up, making themselves harder targets for the hulk. It turned towards Saturn and charges, Saturn rolls out of the way and the hulk hits the northern barrack. Saturn found this moment to dig his knife into its back. The hulk screams in pain, but quickly recovers. The hulk turned towards Saturn and grabs for him, picking him up.

"Venus do something!" He radios as he continues to unload his mags on the beast.

 Then a loud crack was heard, a bright light shined from the watchtower and made its way to the hulk, it went so fast it seemed it flew so slow. The light pierced the face of the zombie causing him to instantaneously drop Saturn. Once the light had fully penetrated the skull it crashed on the other side, Venus had fired the dreaded shadowstalker.

 A little time passed, Mars helped Saturn to his feet and the made their way back to the front gate. Venus came down and met them there.

"So how about those mega zombies", Saturn said with a little chuckle.

"I guess you were right Mars", Venus admitted.

"I wonder what else he's right about."

 All loaded up with goods from the base, the three made there way back to the van when they all got startled. What lied ahead of them they all saw, a group of maybe a dozen zombies, with red glowing eyes, made their way down the road towards them. Mars obtained a smirk on his face, knowing that he was once again right.

"Shit, they probably heard you shoot", Saturn said, as he pulled the charging handle loading in the new round.

They all aimed at the zombies, waiting for the right time. Just then another surprise has occured. Ahead of them, a black helicopter with green and red lights, hovered over the three and unleashed hell out of the left door, Venus jumped off left landing off of the road with the intent to hide, Mars jumped right, and Saturn laid down quickly, his dark clothing helping him hide on the road. The helicopter didn't aim for them, like most other survivors would have, instead it unloaded 70-80 rounds onto the group of red-eyed' zombies. After laying waste to the horde, the helicopter flew away from which it came.

"What the hell was that?" Mars yelled at the other two

"I don't know but I only have 3 rounds left, thank god they came."

That being said they all returned to the Van and made their way back to their makeshift base far north of there. It was a long quiet ride, no one wanting to even try and explain what happened. For it was only a miracle to them.



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