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Be you always and never Show your weakness to anyone.

Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016




Did you ever ask yourself what is life?

What does it really mean happiness?

 Did you felt that feeling when you lose someone you never thought you will lose?

Life is hard you know why because in any time you could lose anything you love. Person, animal, anything you love you could lose it in a second.

Never get used to anything, because someday you will lose it.

Love everything but not so much so you don’t get hurt.

Try to never be sad and be happy as much as you can.

This is life it gives you what you want and take it from you in a second.

When your heart is broken it never ever could be the same as before. You will lose confident in yourself and in any person you will love or love. You will never trust anyone except yourself.  

Let me tell you something. All those question that I asked you it had happened to me. So I’m telling you something true not fake. You will be hurt if you love anything more than anything in this world. You will be broken if you give all your confident to anyone.

Trust me don’t love a lot. Don’t trust anyone because everyone will give you a hug knife in your back. Everyone thinks of themselves. That what LIFE means.

This a short story that talks a little bit about things in life.

There is a lot of lessons you will learn in this life.

Be strong, be you, and never show your weakness to anyone. Show them that you don’t care about anything except your success and how you will be a successful person in this life. Something else I will give you an advice, when you’re sad or bored or happy write everything you feel on a paper you will see how you will be happier and if you’re sad you will feel better. 

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