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Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016



Our story begins in the M&M store in New York City, where Allison, the 3 headed dog is eating her fill of green M&Ms. The store manager is growing more and more concerned as the store’s reserves of bulk candy grow lower and lower. It’s a real problem that they won’t be ready for all of the tourists coming for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. George, Allison’s handler is even more concerned about how tasty the tourists will taste to her. Oh, no!


Of course, we shouldn’t worry too much about what George claimed, since he is a compulsive liar and doesn’t even know himself where reality and imagination differ. In fact, his name is truly Xavier. Several years ago he told a girl he liked that his name was George, because he thought it sounded more American. After a while, the name felt normal, even after the pretty girl was long gone.


Meanwhile, Allison was still happily slurping up every green M&M in sight, as well as any paraphernalia with green M&Ms printed on them. The poor store manager was positively terrified of what was happening to his bottom-line.

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