Blurred Lines

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Sometimes even the most patient person has to scream out, all the frustration pent up, by trying to care for someone, who just beats all their effort down.

Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016



Those blurred lines belong to you
More then anything ever will
Those blurred lines are all I hear
When ever I might think of you
Those blurred lines they sickern me
I wish to hear no more of it
Those blurred lines will be your grave
Nothing else you'll leave behind  
And on my mind...
Is nothing more but blurry lines

Above all these little things
All I've got are broken wings
Come hold me, help me fly
Maybe some day I can soar the sky

There's a thousand things
Still waiting to be done
But I've got broken wings
I'm left to begging please
A little longer, stay with me
So few is left right here
Still learning how to see
Once again and yet anew
A crumbled world in brighter light

Every day is less I wanna do
Running circles to get nowhere
Still trying to find a clue
Drowning in a sea of useless toys
Another death each day
Flood of words and countless noise
Don't wanna hear no more
All I got is broken wings
Each minute bleeding dry
Banging unheard on closed doors

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