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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Parameters change, people grow together or apart by challenge they face. Where may the ship be sailing to?

Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016



Do you hear me, love
Calling you out in despair
Give me a minute of time
Do you listen to it
Or drift away again
Douzen miles apart inside

Do you feel my pain
Running through your vains
Will you suffer with me
Do you ease my mind
Or leave me suffering
Tears flow into an ocean

Do you even realize
How I'm comming apart
At my very seams
Do you watch over me
Or turn a blind eye
Play some more pretend

Do you even see me
Crumbling away inside
Day by day a little more
Do you look into my core
Or shut your eyes
Travel to a better place

Do you finally realize now
It can't be stopped at all
My time is running out
Do you bear the load
Or will you crumble
Go down aside of me

Do you find the heart
To forgive me some day
All that I might miss out
Do you dissolve in anger
Or open up even more
Allow us both to heal

Do you ever know
How much I need you
Right here at my side
Do you take my hand
Or cast me aside
Old baggage better gone

Do you wish for me
To be just anybody else
Free of the curse of mine
Do you stand by me
Or write a new history
Strangers arms embraced

Do you maybe think
I wouldn't if I just could
No desire could be bigger
Do you help me grow
Or push down more
Forever keep me small

Do you think of it yet
Lone fight sure ain't easy
With bleeding hearts to heal
Do you walk straight on
Or be trapped in the dark
Fate is rarely kind indeed

Do you shut your door
Then it be forever more
What is lost will not return
Do you draw the curtain
Or do you open up at least
None can wait forever

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