Thy Young Girl

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Emily lived a very lonely life, And then she met Beatrice.

Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016



Houses are built on wood foundation, that are flimsy and easily break when mistreated. Friendships are exactly the same. Cherish thy Comrade I say to the world and heed my warning through this story of a little girl.

There was a child named Emily who had little to no friends. Her father was a businessman and her mother worked as his assistant and do to constant moving she could never make a connection with another person, and she had eventually stopped trying. Emily was constantly alone, stuck in her own solitary environment, no one to talk to, no one to truly stand beside her. Even as a child as young as she was a life like this was agonizing. Her parents were always working and they could not find the time to be with her. In and out of the house every day one at time, one at the in home office one at the business office and on the times that they were not working they were asleep. Only awake long enough to make a meal and eat. Emily hated her family, hated the life that she was forced to live. It sickened her. She just wanted someone to hold her, to tell her they loved her at least once in her life. But no matter how badly she wished that to be the case it all just seemed impossible.

Until one evening after her mother made dinner and she had finished eating Emily decided to take a stroll down by the lake in the back yard. She enjoyed staring down at the water while the silver light of the moon reflected off of its surface and shimmered like a million tiny stars on the docile face of the liquid platform. She sat there on the moist grass and soil and took in the silence of the oncoming night and as the serenity veiled over her mind and calmed her emptying her of her emotions she began to feel her sorrows well up inside of her heart. Her body began quivering under the weight of her own mind and for the first time since she was a baby she began to cry. She cried and cried, calling out to her father, to her mother, to her friends from schools in the past. She cried for someone to come and save her from her loneliness. From her hatred and then as if like a wish come true she heard a voice call out from behind her.

“Are…you okay?”

Emily turned around startled at hearing the voice and there stood another young girl. She looked like an older girl probably a teenager. The girl looked down at her with doleful eyes and then with a smile she said.

“Can I sit with you?”. Emily nodded wiping the tears from her eyes. The older girl sat beside her and for about 20 minutes they sat in silence before the girl said her name.

“Beatrice”. Emily shot her eyes to the ground and sniffled.

“Emily” she said nervously. Beatrice smiled happily and stuck out her hand , Emily looked up and stared at her hand for a while before sticking her tiny hand into hers and smiling at her as well. From that point on the girls began to form a bond over the course of a month. The first night Emily spent the day inside glancing at the lake to see if Beatrice were out there again and sure enough that evening Beatrice showed. Emily was so excited that she felt that her heart would burst out of her chest. She spent every moment that she could with Beatrice but for the first few days Emily and Beatrice only spent the night together much to Emily’s dismay. And after the first week Beatrice came to her house and knocked on the sliding glass window. Emily rushed down stairs and of course she left with her. From then on there wasn’t a moment that Emily and Beatrice didn’t spend together. They slept together at night on benches at the park when the nights were warm and during the day Beatrice spent her days at Emily’s house. She brought her videogames over and just left them there, they would spend every day playing online shooters or dungeon crawlers. In time Beatrice began to rub off on Emily. She began dressing like her in a gray hoodie and pink and black zebra print leggings under a jean skirt, sneakers and large glasses. Although Emily’s glasses were not prescription like Beatrice’s were. Life was wonderful with Beatrice they talked about everything and then one day as Emily and Beatrice were playing videogames in her room, Beatrice looked over and kissed her on the forehead. Beatrice looked at her with a mirthless gaze and told her that she loved her. Emily smiled not understanding what was going on but she smiled as those words warmed her heart and returned her feelings with

“Me too”. Suddenly Beatrice’s eyes began to tear then she turned and they continued with their game. That night Emily was sitting at the usual lake spot but instead of being met by her friend she was met by the sounds of echoing gunshot resonating throughout the neighborhood. A loud shriek followed and from the distance Beatrice came rushing through the back. Emily smiled at the sight but Beatrice just stood in front of her breathing erratically. Her clothes soaked in a dark liquid, her face painted red and in her right hand, rattling as her clinched fist quivered wrapped around a revolver.

“Beatrice?” said Emily. “What’s that?”. The sounds of sirens in the distance began to break through the chaos following the gunshots. From behind Emily heard her mother cry out to her. Emily turned toward her house and saw her mother rushing toward her side. Her face filled with urgency.

“Emily” said Beatrice softly. Emily turned toward her with confusion. She didn’t know why but she could tell from the look on Beatrice’s face that her heart was crying out the same as she was. “I love you Emily” said Beatrice as tears pooled in her eyes was again falling down and rinsing the re coloring from her face. She lifted the gun and placed the muzzle to her own temple. “Goodbye. Go to your mother now” she ordered gently with a smile filled only with despair and then her crying was put to a holt by a gunshot. Emily flinched- startled by the shout of the gun and as Beatrice fell into the water Emily fell to her knees sobbing.

 “Beatrice?” she sniffled reaching for her as she drifted away down the lake. “Beatrice where are you going?”. Another friend had left her side. Another friend had left her alone. But as she thought this, her mother picked her up and held her, coddling her close to her chest.

“Oh my god” said her mother. “My baby don’t ever leave my side again”. With this she felt her heart warm and she felt that Beatrice did this all for her sake, she knew that Emily needed parents and she gave them to her. Beatrice fixed her family.

Over the passing year Emily and her parents grew into a rather close family. Her mother and father quit their jobs and moved into a smaller house. They spent every day together going out and playing and eventually even her mother and father looked happier than ever before. They often said that they “Fell in love all over again”.

A year later when Emily turned seven Emily’s baby brother was born. They were so excited and Emily was finally going to have someone to play with. Once little Braden got a little older that is. But come Braden’s first birthday and Emily’s enrollment in school Emily’s parents began arguing a lot. They started talking about how daddy was sleeping with a lady named skank and how Braden was Timothy’s bastard or something. Soon daddy moved in with skank and mommy started to cry a lot before she let Timothy move in. He was scary, a very large man, smiled a lot. Especially at Emily, he often called her his pretty girl. Emily’s mother often attempted to get her to call him daddy and eventually Emily just did so she would be quiet. She didn’t like Timothy very much, not at all actually but she was happy that her mother didn’t leave her alone as much as she did at her old job. And even though her father was always gone now Emily always got to see him as well and skank was always nice to her as well. Timothy was nicer though. He always bought her new clothes and took pictures of her. Emily eventually began to like him a lot until one night when Emily’s mother was sleeping after feeding Braden. Timothy came into the room with a smile on his face.

“Hey my pretty girl” he said patting Emily on the head and sitting down on her bed. Emily awoke and smiled.

“High daddy” she said with tired eyes. “Is mommy okay?”. Timothy nodded

“I just couldn’t sleep. I was up thinking of a game we could play”. Emily smiled, she instantly shot wide awake at hearing game.

“What is it I wanna play” said Emily. Timothy’s smile widened.

“Okay” he said kissing her on the mouth gently.

The next morning Emily sat in her room silently. She was like this for week, Timothy came in every night and played those games. Those painful games, they were not fun at all.  She tried to tell her mother and she was furious it seemed. She confronted Timothy but after the first time Emily’s mother never talked about it again. Her eyes were all purpled and her lips bled a lot after that. That night after playing the games Timothy grabbed Emily’s throat hard to where she could not breathe and said if she tried to tell her daddy he would make her mother leave her alone forever. Emily never wanted to be alone again so she just played the games no matter how badly they hurt. After her eighth birthday Emily began to stay in her room away from everyone. Her mother started to get sick and Braden began to cry a lot, when Emily went to go check on him one day she saw that Timothy was playing the games with him now too so she left so she would not have to play too.

Soon Emily’s father stopped coming to get her and she was left alone in that house again, Timothy began to play the games with Braden and her at once and Emily’s mother was always in her own room. Emily was stuck within her own solitary world and the world of agony in which she was playing those games with Timothy and Braden. She began to miss her old life once again. She was once again stuck within her void of perpetual sadness by her life. She once again wanted to find someone to communicate kindly to her like her parents once did when her father and mother still lived under one roof. Before skank and Timothy, and that night she lay in her bed listening to the sounds of her mother’s groans of pains and the cries of Braden playing Timothy’s games.

“Emily” said a voice from the shadows of her rooms. Emily jumped up in her bed and began to scan her room in fear.

“Emily I’m outside of your door I’m coming in”. Emily froze as the door began to open slowly. The creaks of the door boomed louder than the cries in the other room. Her heart began to flutter in her chest as a small figure stood on the other side of the door. She saw no face just the shadows masking her body and the eyes glowing red in the darkness. The figure looked as if it were human. The same size as she was maybe a little smaller, she took a small step inside and began to make her way toward Emily’s bed with direful placidity. It was like she was gliding. The figure stopped and stared Emily in the face. Her eyes mesmerized her, dragging her in with a hypnotic pull.

“Emily my names Felicity” said the figure. Emily nodded

“Emily, I’ll be your friend” said the figure. Emily nodded.

“Emily you can talk to me” said the figure. Emily nodded

“Emily what do you want to say?”.

Emily’s eyes began to flood with tears, a sob choked in her throat and she fell into her pillow.

“I don’t want to play his games anymore” she sobbed. “I don’t want to be sad anymore, I just don’t want to be here anymore”. Felicity smiled stroking her head gently.

“Emily I’ll make everything all better” said Felicity. “If you’ll be my friend forever”. Emily nodded.

The next night the house was silent no crying, no moans. Only the snores of Timothy who had passed out after drinking a little too much booze that evening with his friends. And then she heard the sounds of someone rifling through the drawers in the kitchen.

“Emily I’m in the Kitchen” called Felicities voice. And then silence for a few moments.

“Emily I’m in the hall way” called Felicities voice followed by the sound of the creaks of the opening door.

“Emily I’m in your mothers room I’m going to get her” followed by silence.

“Emily I’m in your mothers bed I’m going to get her”. Emily’s heart sank in her chest as she heard the sounds her of mother gurgling following the sound of tearing and cracking from the other side of the wall. Emily gasped clasping her hand to her mouth as she heard her mother’s room door open once again.

“Emily I’m close to your brothers room I’m going to kill him”. And then the sound of his room door opening.

“Emily I’m in your brothers room I’m going to get him”. And the she could hear the sound of breaking bones accompanying a quick mouse like squeak. And then silence as the sound of the door closing gave way to silence.

“Emily I got them, I’m coming to your room”. Felicity opened the door to her room and made her way to Emily’s bed laying down beside her and wrapping her arms around her. Holding her tightly as if she never wanted to let go.

“What about Timothy?” said Emily with a quivering voice.

“He’ll be gone by tomorrow”. And she was right. The next day the police came and arrested Timothy. He went to jail for life and Emily was sent to be with her father. Felicity was with her the entire time. For years Emily was no longer alone. Bethany (Skank) was the nicest in the world, nicer than her actual mother and her father was just as kind as always. She missed her mother and Braden but of course with the passing years so did the memories go with them. And with the memories of her family the memories of her friend Felicity began to vanish as well. 5 years had passed and Emily now had friends who talked with her on the phone daily. She felt no sense of dread or solitude with her new life. Her family loved her and so did her friends. She would be happy for ever. Or so she thought. On the day of her sixteenth birthday she told her father that she was pregnant. The father was a boy she met at a party who moved away a week later. Her father was furious and demanded an abortion however she kept it and 9 months later she gave birth. That night Emily’s father was furious despite his grandchild being in the house. He spent the entire day in his office chugging bottle shots of vodka and tequila and Bethany sat in her room upset that she was unable to calm the situation. Once again Emily felt alone. She wanted her father to come back and speak to her but she didn’t know how to go about it. She lay in her bed s drifting off to sleep until she heard a soft voice.

“Emily I’m in the house I’m looking for you”. Emily’s heart quivered in her chest. She recognized that voice. It was Felicity.

“Emily I’m in the living room I’m looking for you”. Followed by silence.

“Emily I’m found Bethany’s room I’m going to get her”. Followed by silence, the sound of the door creaking open sounded just like that time and the sound of Bethany’s screams echoed through the house.

“Emily I’m in Bethany’s bed I’m going to get her”. And then the sound of tearing flesh filled the housed followed by silence and the sound of dripping onto the floor.

Emily began to sob as she heard her father rushing down the stairs. She wanted so dearly to call out to him but she couldn’t open her mouth.

“Emily I found your father I’m going to get him”. Called Felicity. And her Father cried out as the sound of steel tearing into skin rang in Emily’s ear. Emily began to cry as silence gave way to anticipation.

“Emily I found the stairs I’m going to get you” said Felicity.

“Emily I’m on the first step I’m going to get you”

“Emily I’m on the second step I’m going to get you”. Then all went silent as the cries of the newborn baby rang through the house.

 Emily waited a moment as she attempted to force herself out of her bed.

“The baby” she sobbed to herself

“Not the baby”.

“Emily I’m on the fifth step I’m coming up”. And then the sound of the creak of the distant door.

“Emily I found the baby I’m going to kill him”. Called Felicity. The sound of breaking bones and the soft squeak kicked up latent emotions within Emily causing her to fall flat on her bed.

“Emily I’m outside of the door I’m going to get you” said Felicity.

The door opened slowly with a creak as Felicity eased it open revealing her glowing red eyes and her wide ghoulish smile, brandishing rows of white teeth.

“Emily” she said. “I’m in your room. I’m coming to get you”. She made her way in just like the first time. Slowly. Eerily, as if gliding. The knife in her right hand glistening red and silver in the moon light, dripping in a row with each inch that she moved.

“Emily”  said Felicity. “I’m in your bed I’m coming to get you”.

 Emily began sobbing softly as Felicity made her way closer to her face.

“No” sobbed Emily.

“Emily you said forever” said Felicity. “You said we would be together forever”.

Emily backed away from Felicity falling to the ground staring up at her from her back.

“I didn’t mean to” cried Emily. “I didn’t mean to leave you alone”.

“Emily we’ll be together forever” said Felicity. “Just come with me”. Felicity threw the knife to Emily sheathing it point first into the floor.

“Emily are you going to leave me alone again?” said Felicity. Emily froze as she heard Felicity’s words.

“Emily you’ll be alone too” said Felicity. “Do you want to be alone”. Emily didn’t want to be alone she wanted to feel the love another. She could no longer allow that type of sorrow within her heart anymore.

“Be with me Emily” said Felicity stepping down from the bed. “I love you Emily”. Emily’s heart nearly broke as she heard those words, memories from before all of this before she was ever happy for those few years.  From before Timothy, Bethany. The divorce. Felicity.

“I love you Emily” said Felicity dropping to her knees in front of Emily. The shadows shrouding Felicity dissipating revealing a face that she hadn’t seen for so many years, the face of the only person who ever truly told her that they the loved her.

“Beatrice?” cried Emily. Wrapping her arms around the girl.

“Beatrice. I missed you so much” cried Emily. “Why did you leave me”.

“Emily I never left you” said Beatrice. “We can still be together”. Emily backed away from her and saw that Beatrice was glancing at the knife stuck blade first into the floor.

“Emily I made it so that we could be together just the two of us” said Beatrice. “So we could be happy. Everyone always hurts us. I’m sorry that I was gone for so long but now we can be together”.

Emily smiled with tears streaking down her face.

“Okay” she sniffled. Reaching for the knife and squeezing it tightly. “I’m coming Beatrice”. And as she pulled it from the floor she was wrestled to the ground from behind. She shrieked struggling to get free.

“Ma’am please be still” said a police officer standing in the doorway watching as two other’s struggled to cuff her hands together and two other cuffed her ankles.

“Get her out of here” said the officer in the doorway. Emily went frantic, she howled out Beatrice’s name. Slob and foam poured from her mouth.

“NOOOOOO!!!!, Beatrice, Beatrice!!!!”. She called out to her friend who stood there silently weeping as she was dragged away from her yet again.

“Emily” said Beatrice. “I’ll come and find you again”. And with those words Emily was thrown into the cop car still frantic and crying for her old friend as she was driven away in shackles.  


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