The Optimum Hero

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Let us spend a minute of our hasty lives to remember those that gave us what we have- unity in diversity...

Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016



In a society, what all do we require? Our direct answers would be: people, houses, natural resources like water, air, etc. What we require most in a diverse country (like India) would be a true hero.

“A true hero is a normal person, with the only difference being that they work for the welfare of societies, i.e. unifying cultures and keeping tranquility between them.” Why do they do this? They do it, with no personal benefits except contentment, so that all people; regardless of their culture; coalesce together. That is why they are known as heroes.

As we all know, in India, there are many different traditions, customs, religions, festivals, clothing, food, and most of all… people. Even though there are many diverse cultures, we collectively are still known as Indians. We are unified as a nation… but, what or who makes us unified?

If we think closely, we might understand that our diverse cultures cannot be unified without a unifying element, which is a real hero.

Now tell me, what do we get from socializing with other people of this country? We, as students, not only get a chance to understand their various beliefs and traditions, but also learn some essential values from others which we adhere in our lives.

The role of heroes in our day-to-day life isn’t easy. They have the responsibility of ensuring calm between diverse communities. Since the people of diverse traditions don’t recognize other communities’ ethics, the chances of understanding between them will be tough. When diverse communities of India argue against each other, our pride and recognition as a united country degrades.

These people are much easier to identify when we know the significance of the work they do. For instance, Gandhi, strove towards constructing a bias-free society and worked for the equal justice of all mankind: be it their gender, caste, creed, etc. Akbar, the Great worked for strengthening the relationship between Hindus and Muslims. Recently, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also started many campaigns for strengthening the unity among diverse cultures. Mother Teresa is also known for the crushing of the inequitable society.


Writing an article about heroes is easy; but replicating their work is difficult. On this Gandhi Jayanti, why don’t we spend a little time of our hasty day in giving some thought for our country’s true heroes?

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