Dragon Death Outbreak

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In middle of the Bronar Continent, around the equator of Planet Kajini, the Kaji dragons are suffering a disease epidemic caused by the xaqa virus. Their drinking water is contaminated. A teenage Kaji falls sick to the xaqa virus and is rushed to hospital. But will he survive? Or will he die from the xaqa virus? Will any of his family members fall to the xaqa virus?

Authors Note: This story is for all you dragon lovers, like me. I am a dragon, roar.

Submitted: October 03, 2016

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Submitted: October 03, 2016



Talnoraq Bahka sat in his science class next to his best friend, Yemba Kalaghan, whom he had known since kindergarten. They attended Yimbrin City High School in the Kingdom of Quasarin in the centre of the Bronar Continent that sat on the equator of Planet Kajini.
The Kaji were a race of bipedal dragons with green scaly skin, a frill around their necks and leathery wings that folded back. Kajini was dominated by dragons. The Kaji placed themselves in the Kajidae family.
They sat in their class listening to their teacher explaining the physiology of how dragons breathed fire. His name was Mister Gamo Kameda. He paced up and down in the front of the class.
"Now in our throats," explained Mr. Kameda "is a special valve called the valve of telaqol. The telaqol prevents the backdraft of fire getting into our throats when we breath out fire. To protect our oesophagus from getting burnt". Talnoraq started to have difficulty breathing. He felt a bit lightheaded, his ears were buzzing. "The tubes of quoto come out from above the telaqol valve and connects the hydrogen/methane sacs to our throat".
"Are you feeling ok?" asked Yemba "You don't look too well".
"When we breath out fire," continued Mr. Yameda "the tubes release the hydrogen/methane mixture into our throat, which reacts with the platinum tooth at the back of our throat".
"Just feeling a bit dizzy. I don't feel too well," replied Talnoraq "My bones feel achy".
"The hydrogen/methane mixture reacts with the platinum to ignite the fire which comes out of our mouths". The school bell rang with a clanging sound. "That is how we breath fire. Sounds like the bell has just rung. Time to get yourselves home. Class dismissed!"
Talnoraq and Yemba packed their school books and pencil cases into their backpacks and put them on before jumping off their chairs and heading towards the door with the rest of the students. They entered the hallway and turned right. Talnoraq's girlfriend, Melamba, and his twin sister, Voka, saw them as they walked down the hall and rushed up to the dragon boys. Melamba placed her arms around Talnoraq as they hugged for a while. Like the other dragons, the Kaji laid eggs.
Melamba pulled back and asked "how was class? Oh, you're not looking too well". Melamba looked concerned for Talnoraq's health.
"I'm not," replied Talnoraq as the four of them walked down the hallway towards the main exit. "I'm feeling a massive headache. My body feels tingly all over. I'm feeling dizzy".
"Oooh. Sounds like the xaqa virus that's spreading around. We better get you home".
They exited the main building and walked down the steps towards the main landing area. Talnoraq felt unsteady on his legs. He felt faint as he struggled to breathe. Melamba placed her hands on Talnoraq's arm to support him.
"Think you can fly, honey?" asked Melamba.
"I'll try" replied Talnoraq with a nod.
The four of them spread out their leathery wings which gave them a wing span of three metres. They flapped their wings, taking off into the sky as they flew over the trees at the edge of the landing area and flew across the hot tropical jungle. They could see the houses on the ground, amongst the tropical jungle. 
As they flew high above the ground, Talnoraq's breathing became even more laboured. Normally dragons breath more rapidly when they take off into the sky. Just as they had flown a couple of blocks towards the east, all of a sudden Talnoraq struggled to breath and he coughed as his air sacs filled up with phlegm. His three schoolmates turned around when they heard him coughing. Then, without warning, Talnoraq plummeted towards the ground at a rapid pace.
Melamba dived towards him followed by Voka and Yemba, crying out "Talnoraq!"
Mr. Yameda heard Melamba screaming as he exited the main building with his backpack on. He looked up to see Talnoraq plummeting towards the ground. He spread out his wings and took off into the sky towards where Talnoraq was falling.
But Melamba didn't reach him in time. Talnoraq hit the pavement with a massive thud. The little dragon girl screamed when she saw this happen. Malemba and her two friends landed on the ground shortly after. Malemba rushed towards Talnoraq who laid on the ground, his body shivering. She knelt down next to him and screamed "Talnoraq. Speak to me! Can you hear me?"
Talnoraq's head was buzzing, he felt pins and needles all over as Yemba and Voka rushed to his side.
"Voka," said Yemba "Ring your parents. Tell them what happened. I'll ring the ambulance". Yemba got out his cell phone and dialled 338. "Hello. Can I have the ambulance please. Yes. My friend has plummeted to the ground. He's very sick. He's been sick since this afternoon".
Mr. Yameda landed on the ground and rushed up to Talnoraq as the nearby mother and daughter watched helplessly.
"Hi, mum," said Voka on her cell phone "It's Talnoraq. He plummeted to the ground when he started having breathing difficulties".
"We're a couple of blocks west of Yimbrin High. Thank you". Yemba turned to his teacher and schoolmates and said "The ambulance is on its way. It would be here very shortly".
"Thank you," said Mr. Yameda "You done a great job".
Melamba stroked Talnoraq's head as she held his right hand. Mr. Yameda placed his shirt underneath Talnoraq's head to make him more comfortable. His breathing was heavy.
The air ambulance zoomed over the tropical rain forest below them. Its sirens blaring to warn the other Kaji to get out of the way. It was simply a floating platform with a cover over the top and the cab in the front. Jadu Yimimbran was in the pilot seat, flying the ambulance with his copilot, Abu Vlandrin, beside him. The tree's whizzed below them in a blur with houses amongst them. Once they arrived at the scene, Melamba and Voka waved them down, shouting "Over here, over here!"
The air ambulance landed on the street below. Jadu switched a few switches, turning off the engines and the siren. They hopped out of the ambulance and walked over to Talnoraq, carrying the net stretcher towards him.
"Out of the way," said Jadu "Let me through". Malemba and Mr. Yameda complied and the paramedics knelt down beside Talnoraq to investigate his condition. "What happened here?"
"He was sick, ever since lunch time" said Malemba.
"Yeah," agreed Yemba "He's been complaining of aches all over his body, dizziness, being lightheaded. He started having breathing difficulties after we flew a couple blocks from the school".
"Looks like he has a fever" said Abu, feeling Talnoraq's forehead with his hand.
Talnoraq and Voka's parents arrived at the scene. They lowered themselves, flapping their wings and landed on the ground.
"What's happening?" asked their mother. Her name was Shazal and her husband was Brainea. She was in her mid-thirties. Brainea was eight years her senior.
Jadu looked up at them and replied "It appears your son has caught the xaqa virus. We need to get him to the hospital fast. Or he'll die". He turned to his colleague and said "Help me get him on the stretcher".
Abu complied. They lifted Talnoraq onto the stretcher, then they lifted up the stretcher and carried him into the air ambulance. Shazel, Voka and Malemba followed them into the air ambulance as they placed Talnoraq on the bench. Abu closed the side gate and the paramedics climbed into the front while the she-dragons stayed in the back across from Talnoraq.
The air ambulance hovered a couple of meters above the ground. Brainea turned to Yemba and said "Let's follow them to the hospital, OK?"
Yemba nodded. They looked up at the air ambulance. As soon as the ambulance flew into the sky, the he-dragons opened up their wings and took off after the ambulance, flapping their wings. They flew beside the air ambulance, while aboard the air ambulance the she-dragons touched Talnoraq's arms. They were crying.
About three quarters of an hour later, the air ambulance arrived at the Yimbrin City Hospital. The ambulance landed in front of the emergency department. Jadu switched off the ambulance as Abu climbed into the back and opened up the gate. The he-dragons landed next to the ambulance as the she-dragons stepped out. A team of doctors and nurses ran out of the ambulance bay with a trolley as Abu and Jadu carried Talnoraq out of the air ambulance.
"What happened here?" asked the doctor.
"This is Talnoraq," said Jadu "He was flying home from school when he started having difficulty breathing". Talnoraq cried out in agony as he muscles tightened up. "He appears to have xaqa".
"Get him to the operating room stat!". They lifted Talnoraq onto the trolley and pushed him through the entrance of the ambulance bay. The doctor turned to the family and said "I'm Doctor Pemigrin Neanmar. I'll be looking after your son. Come with me. I'll take you to the waiting room". They followed him into the hospital building as the doctor asked "Are you all related?"
"No" replied Shazel. She introduced her friends and family to him as they walked down the corridor, the footsteps echoing in the hallway.
"Waiting room's over there". Doctor Neanmar gestured towards the right. "I'll be right back to tell you how he's going".
The doctor walked down the hallway. The family went and sat down in the waiting room with the other visitors.
As Neanmar entered the OR he asked "How's the patient going?"
Nurse Qursakan looked up at him and said "He's going into shock".
Talnoraq's body went into a full spasm, shaking violently on the table. His muscles tightening.
"Give him three hundred cc adrenaline".
"Right oh, doctor".
Nurse Qursakan grabbed the adrenaline out of the cupboard, measured out the adrenalin, flicking the needle to get rid of the bubbles, swabbed his shoulder with alcohol, then injected it into his arm. Nurse Lassiq hooked the bag of antiviral serum onto the metal pole next to his bed, swabbed the inside of his arm and stuck the needle into his arm. Talnoraq stopped convulsing.
"I'll go tell his family the news" said the doctor.
Doctor Neanmar exited the OR, the doors slamming behind him.
The Bakha family and friends were sitting in the waiting room. It was getting dark outside. Voka cried on her daddies shoulder as Shazel consoled Melamba, who had tears going down her check. Voka gave a soft moaning roar.
Shazel's parents were there too. Her father was Ladoda Feaquin and her mum was Yabara. Ladoda wrapped his left arm around Yabara's shoulder as she leaned into his chest. Yemba leaned his elbows on his knees, looking down at the ground. His heart ached knowing his friend was in trouble.
"Everything will be ok, darling," said Shazel to Maremba "The doctors will take good care of him".
They showed the news on the flat screen TV that hung on the wall. "The xaqa outbreak has now affected 30% of the city of Yimbrin. With over four hundred thousand people getting sick from the virus. The city council reckon that the xaqa virus must have infected the city's water supply. They have now sent out scientists to track the source of the contamination".
Yabara looked up to Ladoda and asked "What could be holding up Teneal? She should have been here by now".
"I suppose there's a good reason" replied Ladoda.
Just than the doctor walked down the corridor and entered the waiting room. He walked up to the family and said "It appears your son has had an anaphylactic reaction to the virus. We've given him adrenaline and anti-viral serum to defeat the xaqa virus. He's in a stable condition. But his fever is running high".
"The residents are in an uproar at how the city council could let the outbreak get so out of hand. The Government has now sent in water tankers to provide water to the residents". The TV showed footage of a middle-aged she-dragon filling up a large plastic bottle with water. The water tanker was a hovercraft that had landed on the street. "The city council is urging all residences to boil the water before using it to wash dishes or prepare food and put in the fridge for drinking water".
The large double doors of the ambulance bay burst open. The Bakhas and their friends and doctor turned their heads toward the corridor to find a team of nurses pushing a female patient through the corridor.
Shazel let go of Belamba and cried "Teneal?" The patient was accompanied by her husband, Dolaiqwa Qonba, and their twin boys, Teliek and Zhonart, who were 9 years old. "That's my sister" she screamed.
"I'll go accompany her to the OR" said the doctor. Shazel gave a low moaning growl.
They accompanied Teneal and her family down the corridor. Teneal screamed as her body contorted and twisted. Her bones ached all over. Shazel heard the doctor say to Teneal  "It's going to be OK. Everything will be all right. We'll make you better". They pushed the patient into the OR that was on the left. The doctor turned around and said "Stay out here. Let us do our work".
The family looked through the window into the OR as the doctors and nurses worked hard to stabilise Teneal. Talnoraq rested peacefully on his bed. The nurse placed ice packs on Talnoraq's head as they had placed him on the ventilator.
In the middle of the night the family were asleep in the waiting room when they woke up to the sound of footsteps running down the corridor. They saw Doctor Neanmar and his team of doctors running through the corridor. They stepped into the corridor to find them entering Talnoraq and Teneal's ward. They rushed up to the OR.
As soon as Neanmar entered the OR, the nurse shouted "Teneal has gone into cardiac arrest".
Neanmar grabbed the defibrillators, rubbed them together and yelled "three hundred volts, charge". The nurse turned up the voltage on the defibrillator. Neanmar place the defibrillators on Teneal's chest, pushed down and it sent a shock wave, causing her body to lift off the table. "400 volts, charge". Neanmar sent another shock through her body. "500 hundred volts, charge".
After trying to give Teneal a few more shocks to save her life, her ECG flat lined, giving up a high pitched beeping sound. Nurse Lassiq checked Teneal's pulse with her two fingers and listened to her heart with her stethoscope. She turned to Neanmar and shook her head. Sensing that Teneal was dead, Dolaiqwa cried on his dads shoulder as Shazel cried in her husbands arms. Yabara comforted Teneal's boy dragons.
The next morning, Talnoraq slowly opened his eyes to find his girlfriend and family looking down at him.
"Where am I?" asked Talnoraq with a groggy sound in his voice. The sun shone through the window.
"You're in hospital son" replied Shazel.
"You gave us quite a scare" said Brainea.
"Thank god you're all right" said Belamba as she and Voka gave him a hug. Belamba nuzzled her snout against his left cheek.
The doctor walked up to Talnoraq and said "You suffered from a bout of xaqa during the night. You were in a bit of a state". Belamba and Voka loosened their hold on Talnoraq and pulled back. "How you feeling?"
Talnoraq looked at the doctor and replied "I'm all right. I don't feel any aches and shivering. What I remember is flying home from school and then, all of a sudden, plummeting to the ground. Next thing I wind up here".
"It appears you are getting better".
Talnoraq looked at his uncle and cousins and asked "Where's aunty Teneal?"
The doctor looked down at the ground and said "It appears she didn't survive the night I'm afraid". He looked up at Talnoraq. "The xaqa virus got her".
"Noooooo!!!!" screamed Talnoraq as he gave a low pitched moaning sound. Maremba stepped forward and hugged him.
The next day Talnoraq was let out of hospital as the doctor declared  him fit again. They exited the main entrance of the hospital, spread their wings and took off into the sky.
A few days later they held Teneal's funeral at the crematorium in the northern part of the city  in the clearing. Teneal's corpse had  been placed on top of a pile of logs on a bed of rocks, facing up. As the patriarch of the family, Brainea gave out a eulogy of Teneal.
"Teneal was a good daughter" said Brainea, looking down at the ground. The rest of the family looked down too. His wife stood beside him and the priest, Pherastra Meshneq, stood at the other side. "She brightened up our life. She brought happiness to the family. She was compassionate, caring and a dedicated wife and mother to her two beautiful boys. Unfortunately, she was taken away by the xaqa virus". He looked up at the congregation. "Life will not be the same without her. I will miss you, my little flower. I did not want to lose you. But the gods decided to take you". The members of the family gave a low sorrowful moan. "You will always be in my heart. And … I will always remember the good times we had. Farewell, my flower. May you rise to the heavens".
Brainea looked up to the sky. He and Yabara went back to the family, holding hands as the priest stood up to the podium. There was silence for a few moments with a few groans from the family. The priest looked at the family and said "May the gods guide Teneal to the heavens. And welcome her with open arms. Just as we welcomed her into the Kaji Dil Nar Draga. May you watch over us and look out for us as we think of you and remember the good times we had. Now we say goodbye to our dear Teneal. May you be in our hearts, always. And to help you get to the heavens, we shall set your corpse alight". The family bowed their heads along with the priest. "Amen". The priest looked up and said "Dolaiqwa, may you do the honour of setting your wife on fire".
Dolaiqwa stepped forward from the crowd and replied "It will be my honour". Then he turned to his wife's corpse and said "Honey, I will help you get to heaven. Have a save trip. I will always miss you. Always".
Dolaiqwa took a deep big breath and blew fire out of his mouth, setting his wife's corpse on fire. He breathed fire onto his wife for about a minute until all his hydrogen/methane reserves were exhausted. His wife's corpse crackled in the fire as the smoke rose towards the sky. Dolaiqwa made a long sorrowful moan that echoed into the sky.

© Copyright 2017 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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