Once Before

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I had a heart once.

Submitted: October 03, 2016

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Submitted: October 03, 2016



I had a heart once

It wasn't the greatest

Nor made of silver or gold

It had neither the radiant warmth

or the encompassing grace

But it was filled with love

Love for you


It wasn't always so

It was a tarnished gray with no shine

But it was all that was mine

A sanctuary I'd dearly hold and stay

To dissuade all who wandered near

For I was my greatest  foe


It wasn't cold or warm

It lacked the all the comforts

That you would provide

It was a hole I placed myself


I never wanted you

Never wanted to let you in

But you insisted on doing all you could

Through it all, you stood by me

Whenever emotions overwhelmed me

It was your shoulder I'd  lean and depend


All the while I'd wonder if it was so

That such a gift God could bestow

Yet I couldn't have known


So I gave it all to you

All that I was and ever would be

I gave you my heart

Cast off all my doubt and shame

All I could hold dear

All of me, to all of you


So it was for a time

A grand marvelous design

Where I would follow for all time

I didn't understand your guise

You weren't perfect but that was fine

As long as you were mine


But when you continued to change

All the way to someone I never knew

I was concerned and so I did say

But when you went away

The one you had made me today

Would never remain to stay


I lost my heart and my mind

My sense and reason

No longer could apply

You've given so much

Yet taken all and more


I had a heart once and it was yours

You didn't care so why should I share

I had a life and I was alive

But now I'm not so sure

For once before I was yours


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