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This is the story of a young girl who is stuck in a gladiator style prison, and desperately escapes.

Submitted: October 03, 2016

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Submitted: October 03, 2016



I squeezed my eyes shut as the warm spray of blood hit my face. My perfectly executed punch had hit its target seamlessly, the satisfying crunch of cartilage filled my ears, followed by the roaring cheers of the audience around us. My opponent grabbed his nose, trying to hold the gushing blood inside his body. I smirked, he looked pathetic, grovelling on the blood ridden ground below me. I looked up at the Phoenix balcony, waiting to see my opponents fate.

Thumbs down.

I closed my eyes and pressed my lips into a tight line. Taking a deep breath, I took a step toward the man cowering before me. His brown eyes widened and he placed his hand up, palms facing toward me.

“Please! No, please! I beg of you!” he shrieked, fear radiated off him in waves.

I felt bad for him, I really did. But it was either him or me, and surprise, surprise. I valued my own life over his.

“Don’t do this! This isn’t fair!” he backed himself toward the glass that denied either of us any chance of escape. His leg was broken, so he couldn’t crawl far. “Please!” his voice cracked. I was right on top of him now, I placed my hands on his cheeks and dropped my head to look him directly in his sad, brown eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, and jerked his neck to the side. The light faded from his eyes and for a moment, I forgot about the crowd watching us from our glass cube of hell. I placed his head gently onto the ground and stood to my full height, puffing my chest out like I was proud.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and forced a smile for the audience, they cheered again until the Directors hushed them with their hands.

“Now, now, Demetri fought well, but he was no match for Alexandria Grey,” the lead Director, Master Sinclair gestured toward me like I were a shiny gold trophy. “We hope you all enjoyed tonight’s little match, but it’s time for Alexandria to rest up for next week’s match, where she will fight against the infamous Boulder!” the crowd cheered and I grimaced accordingly.

There was no way in hell I was going to stay here another night, let alone another week.

 I was going to escape.



“You know, I would feel much better if you didn’t have to look at me while I do this,” my prison guard watched my every move as I stripped off my blood stained clothes to step into the glorious shower. Fighters were the only prisoners allowed more than one shower a week, since we fight so much, we get cuts, bruises, and get covered in blood and other bodily fluids so often, the Directors figure it’s better for them if we can clean our own wounds with a shower, then send us straight to our cells to have our injuries grow infected, or worse, septic.

“My job is to watch your every move so you don’t try anything stupid.” My prison guard, Romez, I think her name was, snapped back at me, not so easily persuaded.

“Oh please, even if I take you out, there are a hundred other guards and bank vault grade door I have to get through before I even get to reception!” I turned on the water, loving how the warm water caressed my body. Romez said nothing, but continued to watch my hands closely. I turned my back on her and faced the shower wall, mumbling, “All I ask for is some privacy before the Boulder rips me into two pieces…”

“Well, it looks like you’re going to die without dignity. Now move it or you’ll lose your shower privilege for the evening.” There was no way she was going to budge, and I knew it.

“Fine then,” in my naked glory, I charged. Before Romez knew what I was doing, she was on the ground, unconscious. I snatched the key card from her waist, I ignored her gun and went for her dagger instead. No point in stealing something I didn’t know how to use.

I hastily put my clean clothes on before I made my way quickly and silently towards the main hall. As far as I knew, there were only two exits out of the Director’s prison. One through Master Sinclair’s not-so-secret-secret-passage, and the other through the front door.

I didn’t even think about trying to escape through the secret passage, it was even more guarded than the front door, and also on the other side of the prison, which meant more chance of being seen.

So, I turned left, towards the front entry.

I came across my first locked door, and used the key card to get through.

It was past midnight now, which meant less guards for me to run into. I snuck around another corner, then pressed my back firmly against the wall, there were guards somewhere to my right laughing hysterically at something. I risked a peek into the room across from me, and realised it was the large lunch room, which currently occupied four guards. I crossed the hall so the doorway was against my side, another round of hysterical laughter was my cue, I closed my eyes and prayed they didn’t see me as I walked hastily past the open doorway.


I was close now, the exit and my freedom were so close, I could almost smell the fresh air. I ran.

Left, left, right, left, right. Now faced with only the long stretch to the door, I didn’t worry about the noise I made now. I ran passed the stunned receptionist who smashed the red alert button until I was sure it was about to break. I ignored her and went straight for the large, mahogany doors that would reunite me with the outside world.

I slammed my key card against the scanner and cheered with joy as it flashed green. I swung open the door and met another long, plain, concrete corridor. I was slightly confused, but nonetheless sprinted down it as fast as my legs would carry me. At the end of the corridor, was a shiny looking elevator. I pressed my key card against the scanner and cheered with relief as it flashed green.

With all of the commotion behind me, I pressed the elevator button as fast as I could, knowing it didn’t make the damn thing come any faster, but still, it made me feel better and it was better than just standing there, twiddling my thumbs.

After an eternity of waiting, the doors finally opened, just as I heard the mahogany doors slam open on the other end of the hall. I jumped into the elevator and pressed the only button I could.

Ground floor.

The metal doors closed painfully slow, but managed to shut themselves with barely a second to spare as a guard punch the closed doors after they had shut.

“Come on, come on you piece of crap elevator.” I silently willed the cables to move faster.

Before the doors opened, I pressed my bac flat against the side of the elevator, that way, if anyone had a trigger finger on the other side of the door, I wouldn’t get shot.

I waited for a few moments, and when I didn’t hear shouting or gun fire, I slipped out of the elevator, but not before pushing the emergency button, halting the thing from letting anyone else up to my level.

The ground floor looked like a reception area for a dental office. It was only a small room, a receptionist desk sat neatly against the wall on the right, and four lounges were set up neatly in front of a large television, as a make-do waiting area. With no one in sight, I made for the metal doors that marked the entry, or in my case, exit.

The doors were locked, and this time there was no card panel for me to scan my card with. I growled in frustration, shoving the now useless key card into my bra, I ran to the desk, hoping to find a paper clip or a bobby pin. Just my luck, a nice little container filled with paper clips seemed to shine up at me, like they were surrounded in a beaming gold light. I grabbed the entire container and kneeled down in front of the entry doors. I plucked two of the clips out of the container and twisted them just the way I needed them, and began working on the lock.

After a few moments of struggle, I heard the satisfying click of the doors unlocking. I turned the handle and would have jumped for joy if I didn’t hear the emergency alarm in the elevator stop and the doors close.

Someone must have flipped the switch from somewhere and gotten the elevator up and running once more. I picked up my pace and opened the door, taking my first breath of fresh air in over two years. I stepped outside and was instantly, an ice cube. Snow poured over me as I ran out of the warm embrace of the doorway.

I was cold, but I was finally free.

© Copyright 2018 Kathlene. All rights reserved.

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