The Mask That Hides The Heart

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This is a short story narrated by a girl named Alice. Alice lives in a world where people are forced to wear masks that reflect there true inner selves. Lost in a world that has forgotten its humanity, she believes that true beauty still exists somewhere and seeks to find it.

Submitted: October 03, 2016

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Submitted: October 03, 2016




The Mask That Hides The Heart

My name is Alice, from the day my mother gave birth to me I have lived like everyone else I have ever known - broken. From birth our faces are cut off from the world never to feel the warm sun upon our cheeks. We are given masks that were made to project the wearer’s inner self to the world. Most people hide their true selves but the world I live in is something out of a horror story that we are forced to live in. In the city where I grew up, the buildings seemed like trees out of a forest and we are the monsters said to dwell within. Slipping by one another hiding in the shadows keeping our faces to the floor, some of us don’t dare look into a mirror or even at one another, because we are afraid that what we may see staring back will haunt us forever.

Why were we given these plastic faces? No one knows or even remembers, by now this has become our way of life. My mother would always read me stories of how our beauty was hidden away under these fake faces, that true beauty does exist within us all but that we have forgotten it. We have all longed to feel the touch of a loved one’s lips, to feel the cold rain drip down our cheeks like rivers but yet here we stand idle afraid to look one another in the eye. I long to see true beauty within this world but here today I find myself surrounded by mannequins that have forgotten their humanity. How can someone feel anything for another if there is no face? We are paired with our companions like animals made to breed, giving birth to the offspring that will either work to supply our leaders with comfort and power or become a human resource supplying our world with new born ghosts to join us in our everlasting purgatory. But yet i still search for where the beauty and humanity we once held within us all hides, for it too is lost.

As I slowly forced my legs to move through the forest of empty shells around me the sky starts to cry small droplets, I find myself picking up speed as the puddles of tears form on the ground around me. I continue to gain speed like a cheetah till I’m at a sprinting pace running down the street through the tears of the sky. Splashing through the puddles one by one, I hear nothing but the sound of thunder and water pouring down upon me. But what am I running from? Why am I trying so hard to escape something that isn’t following? I stop dead in my tracks. My feet skid across the cold wet ground and the stones scrape against my boots but there rubber grip gives way and I come crashing down like cut down tree to the ground, the last sound I hear is a cracking sound almost like celery breaking in half. As I slowly come to I look around to see if any ghost will come to my aid, but there is no one is sight.

As i look over my body for scrapes and scratches, i notice a large white object almost like a egg shell gathering a pool of tears in its cupped shape. Confused i look around me to figure out where it may have originated from, when suddenly I jump back in shock as a girl is staring me back in the face. But she is not wearing a mask, she’s beautiful. Blood Red strands of hair hangs over her forehead and her eyebrows were thin and straight. Her eyes as blue as the ocean itself and her cheeks were pale but smooth, this girl was me. The tears of the sky continue to fall but slower, they splash against my cheeks sending a cold shiver through my body. My hand slowly reaches up and rests against my left cheek, I feel the small amount of warmth syncing back into my fingertips. From looking in this reflection I had finally realised what I longed to see, true beauty.

With my new found confidence dwelling within me I looked to the sky to see the grey clouds of misery fade away opening up to the brightest sun I had ever witnessed. The warmth pulsing against my skin, I set my eyes on point towards the forest I call home. The ghosts slowly gathered around me and gazed in awe at what they had forgotten existed, beauty. Upon the plastic faces they wore was marked images of cursed, deranged, sad and depressed individuals but now there humanity and hope could be restored. One by one each of them was freed of the curse, there faces alight with overwhelming joy and happiness. At last we were happy, we were free, and we were beautiful. The forest that I once called home filled with ghosts, was no more. Our eyes were opened to a city of opportunity and freedom, together we could stride towards a bright future as one. The sun shone bright like fire and the city was filled with life, this was the end of our nightmare.


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