Life of a Playwright

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Submitted: October 03, 2016

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Submitted: October 03, 2016




JEHOVAH WITNESS: Hi. I was here yesterday, but no one was home. How are you today?

Mariam: Sorry my mom had a doctor’s appointment, so my day was pretty packed.

JEHOVAH WITNESS: No worries, it’s all good. I actually used to be friends with your mom. How’s she doing?


There was this distraught look on his face like he genuinely cared about my mother. Whenever I told people about my mom, they would just do the usual, “I hope she gets better soon.” This man however, actually cared about my mom. He actually cared. I don’t remember the last person who cared about my mom.


Mariam: She’s fighting.

JEHOVAH WITNESS: We should pray for her.

Mariam: I don’t pray.

JEHOVAH WITNESS: I will pray for her.


He looked down and began to mumble words to himself about some father in Heaven. If I prayed, that would just make living with my sick mom 100 times harder because praying creates a burden of hope. That will destroy me.


Mariam: Thanks Mr…

JEHOVAH WITNESS: You can call me Wright.

Mariam: I’m Mariam.

JEHOVAH WITNESS: It’s nice meeting you Mariam.


Oh no, he’s reaching for his suitcase. I can’t be rude to the man who just prayed for my mother because I know that prayer can become a curse in the blink of an eye.  I guess I’m gonna have to nod during this Jesus lecture. Praise god. Yipee.


JEHOVAH WITNESS: Here’s the latest pamphlet from my Church. Let’s look at it together


Fuck. This is about to become interactive. I’m gonna have to talk to him about Jesus.


Mariam: Sure, I guess.


Ugh he’s giving me a pamphlet. I guess I have to read it. Maybe if I’m honest with him, he will leave.


Mariam: I’m not a Christian. Why should I read this?

JEHOVAH WITNESS: I know you’re not a Christian. We live in a community with all types of people and it’s good to know about every religion.

Mariam: I’m a Muslim and my mom’s a Muslim. Thanks for the prayer, but I don’t need to learn about Jesus.


I was a ? Muslim. I believed in the religion, I just didn’t practice any of it because it’s too much work for me to be kissing God’s ass everyday. Sometimes I think, Why I gotta worship you? Can’t I just believe in you and call it a day? To most Muslims, worshipping God is the staple in their lives. For me food and money is basically what keeps my life together.


JEHOVAH WITNESS: I’m not trying to convert you. I just think in a community with so many different religions, we should know about every religion. That’s why we have 5 different  languages in this pamphlet. We don’t want language to restrict people from learning about God.

Mariam: Ok.


I started reading the pamphlet and it was really boring. I was just reading a couple of Bible verses that literally meant nothing to me. What was this guy trying to do? Why would my mom open the door if she saw this guy outside of our house? This guy needs to leave so I can get back to my show. How do I get rid of him?


JEHOVAH WITNESS: Let me show you this video I have on my ipad.


Oh no, there's more...


Mariam: Fine.


He could probably tell that I was getting restless. He turned the screen to my face and played the video. The video began with all these weird questions. However, their was this one question that made me think about my life. The narrator of the video said, “Why do bad things happen?” For some reason, my mom’s face popped into my mind. I don’t understand the laws of the universe, but I wanna understand what’s happening to my mom. She’s the women who gave birth to me and I would do anything to save her. I want to save my mom. The video goes on to talk about the ways people believe that God controls the suffering and pain people go through, but according to this video, this belief isn’t true. There's an evil power that controls the world’s sickness and death. This video says that God can help me battle these evils. God can help me. God can help my mom. God can help the world. I need to help my mom. She needs me. This could be my only shot.


Mariam: Come inside, you must be thirsty or something.



He took off his shoes and sat on my couch. Sweat was dripping down his face and he was obviously extremely fatigued.


Mariam: Do you want juice or water?

JEHOVAH WITNESS: Juice would be great.


I took the juice out of the fridge and poured it into two cups. I put the juice on the table in the living room and I’m pretty sure I accidentally flashed my boobs, but whatever. Jehovah witnesses are like nuns.




I got some biscuits from the kitchen to put on the table because I think that’s the respectful thing to do. I made sure I didn’t flash my boobs this time.


Mariam: I wanna learn how to pray.



He began to flip the pages of the pamphlet until he found a part that was titled, “The Lords Prayer.” He took out his pen and circled the prayer.


JEHOVAH WITNESS: Repeat after me. “Our Father who art in heaven…”


I couldn’t listen to what he was saying because the only thing I could think about was my mom. For some reason, I was thinking about all the bad things that could happen to her and that made me want to find an answer. I needed to save her. She’s all I got in this world. All of this worry is making me thirsty. I chugged my entire cup of orange juice.


Mariam: Thanks Mr. Wright.



I felt a little dizzy and my living room light felt extremely bright in my eyes. I felt like I was drunk so I began to ask random questions.


Mariam: How did you meet my mom?

JEHOVAH WITNESS: Umm, we met at an airport I worked at.

Mariam: My mom was born in America and I’m pretty sure she never left the country.

The last thing I remember was the deflating couch cushion as he moved closer to me with his calloused hands around my neck. Suddenly, my eyes subconsciously closed and my brain shut down…. After what felt like forever, I woke up with no recollection of what just happened to me. Their were scratch marks on my body and a trail of something that looked like blood leading to my bed. I was on the floor and there was absolutely no light in the room. My crotch hurt a lot and I could feel my thighs burning. I heard a siren in the distance. I closed my eyes and began to whisper. “Our father who art in heaven…”

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