A story about the Gods

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I was just watching the news one day and I wondered what the Greek gods would make of all this....

Submitted: October 03, 2016

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Submitted: October 03, 2016



A short story about the Gods.


“Please can we go down there?” The Gods pleaded with Zeus, referring to the earth that they were gathered above.

“No, we are not to interfere, you know the rules” Zeus said firmly adding “Remember what happened when Dionysus tried to go down there because of the late frost in Bordeaux? It was the worst wine harvest they had in centuries. Our actions have consequences”

“Well that was an unfair consequence, the frost should have already been long gone” Dionysus said sulkily.

“It is not for us to go down there and muck about!” Zeus said, even more firmly.

“But look what they are doing to themselves! It’s like they have stopped evolving and starting going backwards!”

“Yes, I agree with you Apollo, but like I already said, we must not interfere”

“But there are people down there, killing other people, ‘in the name of God’. In your name! you can’t be pleased with that!” Poseidon pointed out

“I am not pleased with it, but I don’t need to be” Zeus said simply

“Can’t I arrange the sea to drown those ones?” Poseidon asked, seriously

“NO! You will not drown the right ones! As usual!”

“Look, Zeus, the British voted for Brexit, the American police keep shooting unarmed black people, and the American people are on the brink of voting Donald Trump as president! Don’t even get me started on places like, Russia, North Korea and many countries that use religion to rule people like the united arab emirates. If there was ever a time to intervene it is now!” Dionysus pleaded

Zeus remained stone faced and shook his head

Ares then chipped in, also pleading for something to be done, saying “They are bombing each other, creating divisions, and hating each other. It’s like the wars and events or the past have taught them nothing. They have forgotten. They stand for a few minutes every year in a memorial service, a service of remembrance, but they have actually forgotten” she sounded sad

“They have not all forgotten. Many were not there, so how can they remember? You need to all understand, they are humans. They are not like us. They make mistakes” Zeus tried to explain

“The same ones over and over again? I can’t bear to watch anymore!” Aphrodite exclaimed

“Look!” Zeus said, now getting angry “We are not to intervene! The consequences for us, and potentially the universe, are not worth the risk. We do not know what impact it would have. It could make things worse”


“Even though they pollute the earth, and cause destruction?” Apollo argued

“Even so” Zeus confirmed.

Finally a voice of support for Zeus came from Athena, Goddess of wisdowm

“Zeus is right. It is not up to us”

Hercules protested

“They will destroy themselves and the planet if something drastic doesn’t happen. This is why so many of them don’t believe in us. We never show ourselves”

Athena explained,

“We are to be believed in, not seen. If we are seen, they would not require any faith to believe in our existence. They would just know that we exist. That could have a devastating impact. It would disturb the already fragile balance between existing human cultures. Some culture would be completely destroyed”

The other gods listened, so she continued to say that,

“We cannot punish them, we would have no way of only punishing the bad ones. They are not all hateful and destructive. Some are trying to do their bit to be a good human being. Some are good people. Even the bad people are not all bad. Some are misinformed, misguided, and some just don’t understand. They are, as Zeus said, only human. There are glimmers of light in the darkness that is the human race”


“So, that is some of the reason why we should not intervene, but not the main reason”


“Then what is the main reason?” Artemis asked


“Frankly, it’s their mess, not ours. Why should we sort it out?”


The other gods looked at her, some shocked


“It is true” she continued. “They made the mess. They have caused almost all of their own problems. So they need to solve them, not expect whichever God they happen to believe in, to come down and sort it out for them. We have to trust them to do that in their own time. Yes, there are a few evil specimens in the human race, but I believe it is a few. We have to hope they will understand one day, that they have more in common than they realise, and that they all pretty much want the same thing. The same thing that even we want. So, it is not about them believing in us, it is about us, the Gods, who must believe in them”




























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