so, you won't go to church anymore?

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This book is for you who is having a hard time trying to belong to the church, you may be a pastor burning out or member slowly going down the path of death in the church. Many don't know what to do with the things that the Lord has been making clear to them about the church but one thing certain is that they are dissatisfied when they have no reason to be beside trying make things work out fine according to the bible standard. The goodnews is that it won't be and I mean the Lord did not intend to follow that path of revival that won't endure anymore; so, won't you go church any more?

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so, won't you go to church anymore?

Submitted: October 03, 2016

Why Are You Doing These Things?
Moses was a man given to the services of the Lord but it takes his father in-law to get him to question his motive and he was humble enough to consider his recommendation. Many people are just bent on doing something for the Lord as if they seek something more than serving the Lord in them and they never stopped to check on what is motivating them. Somewhere a wise statement was written that let those who labor know that they do so because their stomach craves it; not because the Lord call anyone to labor but to them that labor He said “…come and I will give your souls rest…”. What could be the possible motivations behind the great exploit that men had carried out in the name of the LordJesus? Recently a great man of God was told by someone that was reputed to be an angel that only about handful of people that came for the international convention will answer to the trumpet if it had sounded. It certainly put the big question on our mind why such a man had not check or stop at all to check his motive of ministration. It is generally assumed that it is to prepare the people “to make heaven” but is it really so or has any ministry succeeded at any time? They haven’t been able to save their own life from perish in the cruel hand of death, the ultimate test for being born of GodJesus. Then I will ask if you are actually keeping tract with your biblical motive to know if you are failing or succeeding in your endeavour for you and those under your spiritual authority to “make heaven” or isn’t this your own interest?
You might be bent of saving souls but from what? Saving them from sins? Well, after that what follow: hope for salvation still? After saving those precious souls what do you do with them besides what others have done which is to organize them into one form of religion body or the other to your own honour and glory side-by-side with the Lord. If you won’t stop and do the needed check and balance then go on till the open grave welcomes you as you lay in it in uncertainty of what comes after.
If you will miss seeing the Kingdom of GodJesus and entering therein then there is not certain about what follows at "rapture". The Kingdom of God is what the snatching up is all about like the ark of Noah; imagine if any of Noah's family chose not to enter the ark he/she won't have any chance of being caught up. While you are preoccupied with all the great works which are good remember fellow the LordJesus is the ARK -the Kingdom waiting on you to discern and come in unto Him. I am sure this is the only thing that counts now at this end of the church age. The door has been opened but we have refuse to enter into the Kingdom of His glory being contented with something else; something we call Christendom.
Again I ask you fellow why are you doing these things?
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members who won't be led

Submitted: August 06, 2017

There are so many who not willing to be led of the church leaders but they have not found leadership of the Lord. They have become pathetic rebels because it isn't enough to kick against the church system while the most important matter on our hands is the call by the voice of LordJesus from within the Kingdom of God saying "come up to me." Read Chapter

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