The Tale Of Candle Cove 3

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Following the events of Volume 2 's finale, Pirate Percy with his crew embark on a journey to the Skin-Taker's lair at Little Bedfort to Rescue Janice. On their way there, they recruit a bunch of Candle Islands Villagers who are all in for battling the terrifying foe.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Battle of Little Bedfort

Submitted: October 03, 2016

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Submitted: October 03, 2016



The melody was captivating. Minor, sad notes which seemed as though they’d linger all over the place for hours.

Janice was dizzy, she felt sick and had an excruciating spanking pain in her hand. She used her blurry vision to check out what had happened. What she saw left her petrified.

Part of her skin on the exterior of her hand was missing. Warm, red blood had soaked the bandage that was put on it. She screamed from the pain.

The Skin-Taker was playing the piano incessantly, however. He appeared to be enthralled, in a delirium of successive notes and melancholic chords.

The melody was now reaching its apex, as it seemed. The notes came off more high-pitched and they were tying together in a dazzling, but rather weirdly enjoyable finale.

The skeleton hit the final key, and the sad sound of the end was sure to stick in Janice’s mind for a very long time.

And then, he got up and accosted her.

‘What have you done, you demon?!” Janice shouted.

‘I would advise you to remain calm, dear child. I merely cut off a tidbit of your skin. Look, how beautiful it looks on my cape!’ he said, unfurling the long garment.

‘You’re sick!’ she shouted.

‘I am only reveling in the lurid vibes….Besides, this way, when I eventually kill you, I will always be able to communicate with your spirit’ he mentioned, chuckling.

He then had a sad expression on his skull. His glass eyes were staring at her menacingly.

‘You see, I do not desire to kill you right now. That would certainly be ill-advised, considering that I do not explain to you what has happened, first.’

She wondered what the skeleton meant.

‘Do not think that I am not fair, dear girl. I gave your boyfriend and his crew a chance to save you. But they wasted it.’

‘What did you do to them?’ she demanded to know.

‘It is what they did to me that you should be asking about. You see, I offered Percy a chance to find me in the Graveyard Sites. I just wanted to psych him out. See how much he has changed ever since we were friends.’

‘Stop saying that!’ she screamed. ‘Percy would never be friends with such a monster like you!’

The Skin-Taker stammered for a moment. He looked as if he had been really offended and hurt by what she had called him.

‘I was his friend…Once...But he attempted to strike me dead with his friend Calvery Stankoff’s help. I would have rushed to give you back to them, had they not attempted to trick me.’

‘You’re lying. Your plan all along was to kill us all! That’s why you deployed the dog of yours, Horace’s help!’

‘Horace was a skillful pirate. But his foolish, impetuous acts got him defeated. Regardless, I did not really need him.’

 He then walked to the next room, and returned with a small clay cup, filled with tea.

‘Do you like tea, Janice?’

She did not answer.

‘I do.’ He continued. ‘I believe it is such a noble drink. It can keep you warm, and it tastes delectable. It is a shame people in Candle Cove prefer rum and ale in spite of having the chance to savor such a delicious drink.’

Janice was feeling queasy by all that.

‘You’re a bunch of scary, decadent bones. How can you even drink?’

She noticed the tea going right through his empty mouth, and then trickling down his trachea bone, eventually dropping on the ground. She was about to puke.

‘Perhaps I cannot drink it down. But the feel of it in my old bones, is keeping me jolly.’

Janice shook her head. She saw the Skin-Taker’s top hat placed on a small, wooden table by the piano. Blue pupils were clearly discerned on it. Part of Sariah’s face, but Janice was unaware of that.

‘Believe me, Janice. I would enjoy having you as a participant in my tea party. The way I am having them all the other times…You just..cannot stand hearing it.’

‘I would never join you in anything!’ Janice dared say.

  The Skin-Taker was now clearly distressed by all the negative responses of Janice. In a jiffy, he got up from his chair and grabbed her by the throat. She was shivering in terror, as the skeletal being leaned over her, his deathly aura of pestilence, filling Janice.

‘You shall be careful how you talk to me!” he shouted in his terrible, shrilling voice. ‘I will skin you and wear your remains whatever the case! I was just trying to extend your epilogue!’

She tried to close her eyes, as the sight of him made her heart beat so fast in terror and anxiety, she thought it would be smashed.

‘Foolish child..I will rip your intestines out and I put your liver and stomach along with them on my wall..They will fit really nicely with the bones and skulls of all the people I have skinned’ he said, now laughing maniacally.

It was after a few seconds that a long sword pierced his spine and ribs, cutting of part of his skin cloak.

Percy and Calvery had found their way in this morbid place.

The Skin-Taker screamed for a moment, but then he giggles. Standing up, he grabbed the sword, and swiftly removed it from his body which had remained intact. The sword clanked as it hit the ground.

‘You fools..’ he said. ‘You still think you can beat me?’

‘Perhaps not’ Percy stated. ‘But we’re here to pick Janice and get the hell out of this sick place of yours.’

‘Hmm..And, how exactly are you going to do that?’ he asked. ‘You came with your little pirate friend to play hero?’

‘Oh, we’ve brought help’ Calvery cunningly remarked, as Rita and Nathan appeared behind him.

  Rita struck Janice’s bondages with a magical force and released her. Percy rushed over there and got her in his arms. She was thankful and felt warm and happy to have found them again.

‘It’s okay Janice. You’re with us now. But we have to get out of here.’

Rita had cast a temporary boundary spell on the Skin-Taker, trapping him behind the place they were all standing on.

‘Idiotic little witch’ he said. ‘Do you forget I am an immortal Abyssian? I am proficient in magic.’

‘Perhaps’ Rita said, running. ‘But it’ll buy us some time till you manage to break the barrier. What are you all looking at? Run!”

They all sprinted out of the cave, remembering the corridor they had walked in to come. As they were fleeing the place, they could hear the echoes of the Skin-Taker’s spells trouncing the barrier, more strongly and fervently as time passed. Rita and the other knew that they wouldn’t have much time.

  In what seemed like centuries afterwards, they eventually managed to leave the cave and bolt to the Laughingstock, as swiftly as they could.

The Skin-Taker broke free in the end, and ran so fast after them, that they thought he could even teleport.

‘You thought of leaving so soon?” the Skin-Taker then said, grabbing a few femur bones from the ground at the entrance of the cave. He weighed them in his hand, and then he threw them all at the Laughingstock.

Nathan momentarily left out a chuckle, believing the bones would barely even reach the ship. The funny thing in the end, however, was that not only did they reach the ship relatively fast, but the Skin-Taker had also put so much force in them, being a professional wizard, that the bones crashed on the ship’s lower cannon sets and, with a really loud explosion, ruined them and shattered them to pieces.

Percy and the rest felt the ship vibrating a lot for a few seconds, and then water was slowly flowing in, seeping through the breaches. Someone had to go down there and constantly keep the water from coming in, if they wanted to make it out of Little Bedfort, the Skin-Taker’s hold, as fast as they could.

‘Shit, water’s in the ship!” Percy shouted.

‘I’m going down there right now!” Nathan shouted, rushing to the cannons.

The Skin-Taker laughed out loud.

‘The infamous Laughingstock Crew, about to sink just outside my cave. All of you shall decorate my clothes, and my home! With your precious skin!”

He was in a rather disturbing-to-watch ranting. He now sang one of the songs Janice remembered hearing him sing while playing his piano. It must have been some sort of signature son.

‘One Year closer!’ he was screaming ‘ one year more with your family and friends!’ He ran to the coast, close to the ship, where Nathan, assisted by Rita and the rest tried to tamp the holes where gallons of water found entrance in the ship.

‘Hahahahah!’ he was hollering, his ancient bones jingling together, as his skin-made top hat was oscillating on his scalp. ‘You will scream!’ he then shouted, at what seemed like the end of his delirium. ‘And then it’ll begin! And I will grind the Skin! I will grind the Skin!’ he screamed, laughing out loud, as bunches of villagers from the Cutlass Islands who had offered to help the crew were surrounding him with every weapon they could inf.

The Laughingstock Crew could now see a glimmer of hope.

‘What? You thought we wouldn’t bring visitors?’ Percy said, as he was throwing water out of the ship.

The truth was that, after Horace’s defeat, the people of Cutlass Islands had been split. About three fourths of them were actually turned against the Laughingstock.

The Rioters, they called themselves. They were led by Maximus, one of the landlords in Cutlass Islands. Maximus  was actually an old friend of Milo, and he knew all about how his friend had died and how he hated Percy and the rest.

Maximus had actually managed to influence a lot of the Cutlass Villagers, mainly using as an argument that the battles of the Laughingstock crew, despite the fact they never wanted to beseech the villagers’ help, were eventually won because they expected their assistance. Maximus traduced the crew, supporting that their tiresome battles were influencing the islands too much. And, truth was that Maximus’ way with words was good enough to get most of them on his side.

‘Ungrateful pigs..They’re too quick to forget what we’ve alsod one for them’ Calvery Stankoff had actually said.

But the other fourth of the villagers knew better. They had remained loyal to the group, and a lot of them actually admired the pirate life.

And so, in the few weeks after the defeat of Horace Horrible, they had asked the crew if they could join, They were about thirty new members, since families were to remain home to take care of households.

Percy had thought that, especially after their loss of many good people from the crew, they would be a helpful addition. And thus Calvery opened the side-gate of the ship to welcome them in.

They met all of them, but the villagers had agreed to be led, except for the Laughingstock Crew, by three elected members in-between them. Jack, Diana and Chris. They were the ones mainly responsible for the assistance of the crew against Horace Horrible. They were now eager to help and were actually co-ordinating their attack against the Skin-Taker.

Percy had advised them many would die, but most of them didn’t really care, actually. Using as an excuse the fact that Maximus and his stooges had prevailed in the Cutlass Islands and that the skeleton was harrowing them, wondering in the shores and caves, they wanted to attack him, to ‘rid’ the place of him.

Jack and the other two also knew that most of them were leading themselves to their own demise. Those three had tried to convince them otherwise. In the end, Dian, Chris and Jack remained with Percy on the ship, helping remove the water, along with another seven of them, adding ten members to the crew ,on total.

The rest twenty volunteered to be left behind in Little Bedfort, to battle the Skin-Taker no matter the cost. They also said, after the events, that this way, they would give the crew the precious time they needed to remove all of the water and flee the place.

So slaughter came. The Skin-Taker was laughing maniacally as he was butchering the poor villagers. But Janice saw something special in them; they were not afraid of him. No. They were not. They were face to face with the scariest monster of the whole Candle Cove and maybe even beyond, and yet their fervent will to sacrifice themselves for the protection of their home, was actually vanquishing the notion of fear from their conscience.

‘You dim-witted miscreants!’ the Skin-Taker shouted, being as scornful as he could. ‘You are only leading yourselves to your death!’

‘Better dead than alive with you haunting us!’

‘I cannot help but agree!’ the Skin-Taker laughed so hard everyone thought his ancient skull would fall of his bones.

And then the scene was too gory. The Skin-Taker pulled out his sword and started gutting everyone who attacked him. People were jumping on him, literally embracing their deaths. As he was being shot at repeatedly, he was grabbing villagers with his bare hands and was removing their stomachs and lungs, wetting the ground with blood and human pieces. Heads were rolling on the ground, eventually sliding to the coast and plunging into the water.

Finally, the last seven remaining villagers managed to attack him so ferociously that they collapsed on him and brought him down, damaging his skin-cape and gloves, making his top hat drop in the blood.

As he was now covered and struck by this bunch of villagers, everyone had a sparkle of hope for a split second.

 Until a shrilling scream was heard, and a terrible sound of the Skin-Taker’s jaw careening loudly, shattered everyone’s hope like a pile of playing cards.

The monster was quick to regain its balance, and then, with a quick jolt of its hands, the Skin-Taker threw all of seven of them on the back, really abruptly.

‘I CANNOT BE KILLED!!!!” He screamed, as he picked up his sword, decapitated two of them, gutted another three and then evaded the bullets of the remaining two.

Perhaps that moment was the only tiny one when they might have felt the cold emotion of fear crawling to their eyes.

The Abyssian grabbed the head of one, and he literally extirpated from his head, using it to beat the other one with it.

  Eventually, he caught the last one and ripped him apart, grinding his skin in his jaw, and putting it in his cave. He then looked at the masses of corpses on his feet.

  He was tired and debilitated, but he was perfectly healthy besides that. And he had slaughtered them all.

He calmly picked up his hat and wore it.

‘You might have ruined part of my lovely cape. But it is alright. I shall skin all of those dead bodies’ he said, seemingly to himself.

Everyone on the Laughingstock Crew was frightened. They were already in a safe distance, though.

‘Let’s…Let’s just get out of here..’ Percy tried to utter, as calm as he could be.

The sun was now setting, and its warm, red rays illuminated the blood and the corpses.

The Skin-Taker, before retreating to his cave, looked at the Laughingstock sailing away.

‘I will be back for all of you!’ he shouted, but not in a menacing way. Just ascertaining it.

‘And we all know that you cannot be escaping from me forever!” he uttered, eventually going back inside.

This was how the world was, now. And then people of the Laughingstock knew very well that, with the Skin-Taker around, they would never be safe.

What would this beast do? He was totally invincible and they knew that. What really mattered, was that they should co-operate really well now, so that they could also be, at least, close to protected from him……

Time, and only time would tell…..

End Of Chapter

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