HFTOH - Daruma-san

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Submitted: October 04, 2016

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Submitted: October 04, 2016



I know I just caught a glimpse of her.

Just a very brief flash of her dark hair was in the corner of my eyes as I looked over my right shoulder, just a few strands of that tangled mess were visible for at least a few seconds.

I hadn’t thought the ritual worked, perhaps it hadn’t and I’m just being paranoid due to the effects of it all. Much like when you received one of those horror based chain emails, the ones that convinced you that a girl who died horribly at sixteen would crawl out of your bath plughole if you didn’t share her story with five of your friends.

Initially I had felt ridiculous performing the apparent summoning ritual last night.

I mean I was sitting in a bath tub in pure darkness, washing my hair and repeating; “Daruma-san fell down,” over and over until I’d washed all the shampoo out.

But I swear I saw a woman slip and gauge her eye on my, then appearing to be rusted, tap.

The scene had been horrific, the last thing I wanted to see during this summoning, but it was all part of the ritual and had to be done.

What made it worse was that this image was in my mind as the ritual forbid me from opening my eyes, no matter what I heard or how uncomfortable I felt.

Asking an unseen thing a question was the last thing on my mind after what I saw, this was made worse when I felt the water sloshing behind me, the ripples moving against my back, but it had to be done.

“Why did you fall in the bathtub?”

This was when I started to begin to feel ridiculous, sitting there naked in a bathtub asking such a question to thin air. Yet I still didn’t move, I let the question hang in the air for a minute or so before leaving the bath and letting the water remain there. Keeping my eyes closed until I’d left the bathroom and closed the door behind me until morning as the rules stated I must.

I went to bed that night thinking that it was all part of my imagination, tricking me into thinking it had worked because I’d worked up in my mind that it would happen for certain.

The mind is a powerful thing after all.

Once I was awake this morning I somehow knew that it wasn’t just my imagination, from the second my eyes opened I felt watched.

That’s how it’s been all day.

No matter where I go, I feel watched.

The darkest corners and hidden spots have been making me anxious all day, they say that’s where she likes to dwell the most as she creeps closer.

All day I’ve had to keep looking over my shoulder, per the rules of the game. I have to make sure she doesn’t catch me, it explicitly says that she must never reach you.

No one knows what happens if she does, it’s truly unnerving yet horribly curiosity inducing.

It goes without saying that I have been getting weird looks all day in the office, having to periodically look over my right shoulder to make sure she wasn’t too close to me.

Every now and then I’d catch glimpses of her black hair or her dead staring good eye, only twice did I see her in a better view.

As per the ritual, I yelled out the safe word; “Tomare!” and ran out of my office to the bathroom.

Perhaps I should have done this on a weekend to avoid looking like a maniac.

The walk home was the worst part.

It was sods law that half an hour before I left my office that dark grey clouds came across the sky, followed by the downpour of torrential rain.

She loved water and dark spaces, now it seemed the game had become more dangerous as nature picked the side it wanted to win.

But I still had until midnight to capture her and end it all.

The walk back home was the most nerve-wracking one I have ever taken, there was no way to go about the game without looking like a total lunatic. Yet I had to take pauses and glance around, my self bought on stalker could be anywhere at any moment.

There had been a few embarrassing moments when people came over to ask if I was okay, perhaps needed directions due to being lost. In those instances I could only a mutter a reply claiming to be okay before hurrying off, hands in my pockets and head down.

A few times I caught her and managed to swing my arm down just in time, she was getting far too close for comfort.

For some reason she seemed to be reappearing much faster, I remember when I first started that I would have at least thirty minutes and now I was lucky if I had five.

But I was almost home now, just a few blocks and everything will be fine.

As I stood at the side of the road, staring at a puddle by my feet whilst waiting for the light to signal it was safe for me to cross, I felt cold and clammy hands slowly slide through my hair and around my throat.

An unpleasant shiver ran down my spine as I turned my head, my face immediately coming face to face with her deathly coloured unpleasant one.

Her gauged and dripping eye socket sunk deep into her skull, her face grey and grim.




She had caught me, how had she managed to catch me?! I almost made it! This isn’t fair!

Of course it was in that moment that I remember one of the vital rules.

Use the ‘tomare’ command sparingly.

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