Why we shouldn't Go To Mars

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Just stating my opinion

Submitted: October 04, 2016

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Submitted: October 04, 2016



Why We shouldn't Go Mars
My opinion on Mars manned missions is no because of three reasons. I will go over these three reasons throughout this essay. My three reasons are, one, these missions will take billions and billions of dollars for testing and being achieved. Second reason is because how we almost did not achieve the moon manned missions, not to mention all the proof about how NASA faked them. My third and last reason is how far Mars is and how hard it will be to even get out of earth’s gravitational pull, again not to mention the odds of actually making it to Mars.

These missions will bring the USA another, at least eight billion dollars in debt, because of these very costly missions, taxes will go up,and maybe start a mini Great Depression.Even the Mars rover missions cost billions of dollars, and even if we succeed the USA is only going to afford 3 more missions, to the very greatest that is. There is also a possibility that the USA is going to ally with another country,for example China, because they could fund the missions and the USA is the one who is actually going to make the rockets and head into space, or vice-versa.

Ok we're onto the second reason why we should not go to Mars. That reason is That we almost did not achieve the Moon manned missions. When the the first Apollo mission landed on the moon they only had 30 seconds of fuel left, 30 SECONDS! , you see, when you want to land on a planet or moon, because of the low gravity you have to push thrusters away from the surface so you don't go in really fast and crash. If the moon lander was any farther away from the ground the thrusters would have pushed too much and the crew would have flown right into space to die, they would had no fuel and no way to push themselves back to earth. If we almost failed the moon missions how the heck are we going to get all the way to MARS?!?!

My third reason on why we shouldn't go to Mars is the actual odds of making it there.
Ok let's start on how far Mars actually is. Mars is 36,672,514 miles away not that far in space huh? Well you can fit 18…..SUNS in that space. Ok now space travel is very very fragile and sometimes it's not the “travel” part that's the hardest, it's launching and getting out of earth’s atmosphere and gravitational pull. There are 2 stages of getting out of earth, first is launching. When you build a rocket you have to have the right amount of fuel and thrust you want to have the right amount of fuel so you're thrust can get you out of earth and you want to have the right amount of thrust so you don't burn through your fuel too fast. The second stage is getting out of orbit around the earth. By now you have burned through you're fuel just enough to get in orbit around the earth, now you have to burn for the right amount of time until you get out of the gravitational pull of the earth. You see if you get one thing wrong you're dead.

This was why we shouldn't go to Mars. Now again my reason are these missions will cost billions of dollars, We almost did not make it to Luna (The Moon), and last but not least the actual odds of making it to Mars 

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