Prevent youth from committing suicide

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Submitted: October 04, 2016

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Submitted: October 04, 2016



Suicide is a major issue of today. And we need to talk about it in order to prevent or minimize the issue. Mostly youth are commiting suide daily and there is no one reason to it.

The Oxford English dictionary defines suicide as “an act of taking one’s own life; one who dies by his own hand; self-murder”
According to Emile Durkheim, A person is not responsible for committing a suicide alone. Society is also responsible.
“Egoistic suicide, which results from lack of integration of the individual into society.” (Page 14)
~This means that a person is not included in many things that happen in society, they feel unattached, helpless and useless.  Due to these feelings of inadequacy, the person takes his of her own life.
Suicide is a serious problem among the world. Thousands of people commit suicide each year and mostly those are youth. Some teenager tries to kill themselves because they think life is not worth living and ending up will be the permanent solution. Today teenagers are more inclined to stress because pressure of studies and other adolescence issues.

Causes of Suicide:
Depression is one of the major reasons of suicide. When teenager is not mentally and emotionally stable he isolate him/herself from the surrounding environment. He is then prone to negative thoughts and which leads to suicide.
Some people who are planning to commit suicide may say:

  • Their life is not worth living
  • feeling of insecurity and not able to cope up with daily hurdles of life
  • Inability to maintain a relationship
  • Bad experiences in past
  • They are bullyed
  • Harassed
  • Low self-esteem
  • Drug or Alcohol abuse
  • Inability to cope up with failure

When suicide victims or teenagers are interviewed. They give above reasons for ending up their life.


Bullying is one of biggest reasons of committing suicide. When a teenager is bullied or is harassed. He is inclined and is prone to depression, which leads to suicide. Teenagers who are bullied they instead of asking for someone’s help they commit suicide. According to a statistic 14% of teenagers have tried to commit suicide because of being bullied. And 7% have successfully committed suicide because of it.
Bullying can include physical, emotional, cyberbullyng etc.
No Emotional Support from parents and family members:
This is also one of cause of teen suicide. When children do not gets attention and emotional support they try to find it by other mean which can usually leads to suicide.
In some cases the suicidal usually leaves a message note, which is called a suicidal note. In which he/she tells the cause of suicide. In which suicidal thoughts are described.

How can we end these problems?

Talk to them:

If your children are facing problems or anxiety try to talk to them. Give them emotional and physical support. Mostly they are lacking in emotional support so parents should give them emotional support. Talk to them in a friendly way and take them to Clinician (Dr, Psychologist or Psychiatrist) if necessary,

Recognize their behavior:

If your child is having anxiety, depression, frustration, felling sad, wishing to die, difficulty in sleeping, crying most of the time, loss of appetite. If he/she is showing these signs he/she needs help immediately.

Maintain a healthy relationship between parents and children:

There should be a healthy relationship between them. Parents should talk with children about their problems once in a while. They should tell them that they are always there for them. Spending quality time with them can prevent youth suicide.

Encourage your Children

If something bad happen with your child or sibling. Parents and elders should be encouraging. They should encourage them to cope with the problem in a good way. So instead of committing suicide, they will try to cope up with their problems.

What can youth do?

Talk to someone you trust:

Talk to someone you trust, preferably an elder or a friend who can guide you better.

Get professional help immediately:

Go to a doctor, Psychiatrist or a psychologist who can guide and recommend you better. If it’s a serious problem, the professional person will give you therapy, medicine and other treatment.

Yoga and meditation:

If you are having suicidal thoughts and feeling try to do yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation calms your body and helps in releasing tension.

Read a book:

Reading is a best way to relax. Read a good book when stressed. Books can help you relax and help reduce stress and tension. Try to read a good book in free time or before sleeping.

Spend time with nature:

Hearing chirping of birds, sunshine and fresh air can make you feel better. It can make you feel fresh. 
"Selhub and Logan explain that studies shows that spending just 20 minutes in vegetation-rich nature improves vitality and lessen the depression:. Sunlight is also very important because it leads to creation of vitamin D in body which helps prevent cancer.  So go outside and enjoy the nature.

"Hope we will prevent youth suicide" 


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