Alternative Universe

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Submitted: October 04, 2016

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Submitted: October 04, 2016



I truly have come to believe that most Republicans are living in an alternative universe that only they can see. My mom saw a comment from a lady that is hard to believe--this woman is praying, literally, for a Trump win, or else dire things are sure to happen, things like all American Muslims are in our country to take over and impose Sharia Law. Say what? It's truly frightening what these people believe, like the ones who believe that President Obama is secretly Muslim, wants to take ordinary citizens guns, and turn our country into the world's biggest mosque. 


First of all, after almost eight years, he'd better make it quick, and second of all, can you honestly see that happening here? At the first hint of him trying something like that, several million people would barricade themselves in their homes and prepare for a log siege, and that's assuming the military, who'd be down significantly in numbers because most of them would be among the barricadees, would even be willing to carry out such an order. Ain't going to happen here, not in a million years. Where these afraidees come to believe this shit is beyond me, in fact, it's orbiting somewhere beyond Pluto! 

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